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Interview with Michel Gondry Aug, 26 2006 NYC

Michel Gondry
Aug, 26 2006 NYC
This is the first interview that I conducted professionaly (for pay!!) and although it will be published in La Tempestad (a Mexican magazine), I saved it here.

D.- Where would you dream to be interviewed someday and by whom?
MG.- Let's go and do the interview in a Jacuzzi.
D.- A what?
M.G- Jacuzzi, a bubbly bath.
D.- With whom?
MG.- With you, lets do it in the Jacuzzi.
D.- Right now? Then I can't bring the paper (questions).
M.G. You have to remember, it's better not to read your questions. You just have to listen to me talk and see your inspiration.

(I blush, recover and convince him that I have a structure to the interview and that no matter what he says, we will be fine)

D.- When you were a boy, what did you dream of becoming?
M.G. - I think I wanted to be an inventor or an illustrator or a painter. I didn't think there were options to be a filmmaker. There was the thing that you would see in a movie theater but you really didn't talk much about the director and what he had to do to be a director. So I never thought of being a director.
Only I had the camera, my friend had a super 8 camera and I would do experimentation with stop motion and I started to develop ideal techniques without thinking I could use them for a movie.
D.- Just to play around...
M.G.- Yeah just. I really liked experimentation, the idea to shoot frame after frame and then watch them all together and then take life.
D.- Are you a TV person or a book person?
M.G. - No, I was a TV guy. I wish I had read more. I read a little bit, but I was always creative. TV was much more limited, it was communist. I was like three... first it was one channel and then it was only three channels and one was in black and white. I remember when the second channel opened and it was in color and all the rainbow of colors coming on screen and so and its funny when I say it was communist, it was really dimension, the state and government were really full hands on to control what was going on. But the good side was that it was not bombarded by the commerce, they didn't think that TV was a huge moneymaker as it is now. All TV shows for kids were much more poetic, a lot of them were made in collaboration with Eastern European countries like The Little Lion, and they were way more poetic than the things that happen now and it was a good antidote to Walt Disney. Not that I didn't like Walt Disney, I remember enjoying Bambi, crying to Bambi. Those animations (French ones) where so romantic, not romantic but poetic. The thing was that they always had a message in them like everything that is communist has to give a special message so pure in the craft that they were magical.

D.- Have you seen Wondershowzen?
M.G. - (smiles) Yeah, Yeah!
D.- What do you think about this show?
M.G. - I like the show, it’s a little hmm, well, I don't like when they mock people. They push people to their limit and people loose their nerve and I don't like that because they basically always people, always making them uncomfortable. (Changes tone) I think it's great. I really like the look of it how they mix up the video, the filmclips and everything. The kids are really funny but sometimes when they do the interviews, the guys is gonna end up loosing his nerve ehh, so one day they're gonna get beat up, basically because I had a like a Jackass for instance a really, I don't understand why you put on TV something if its to write Don't do this at home. If you don't want kids to do it, just don't show it then. Why do you show it like its been so provocative. But in fact is so conventional all the people wind up being highly trained and its super surrendered, and its highly controlled, so its totally not subversive. That's little bit the problem with MTV. It's always act as subversive, but its the voice of the power, of convention. There is advertising of the army all the time.
D.- But now people have YouTube
M.G. I think YouTube is great! It's their end (MTV's) It's not gonna make money anymore, but who cares.
D.- It's better because you choose what you see.
M.G. Yeah, if you want to produce something, you produce it and put it there. It's great, I like YouTube. I spend a lot of time there.

Art and Drawing

D.- Could you draw a map of your mind?
M.G. Yeah, sure. Can I get some paper? (to his publicist)
see drawing. Most of the space is taken by his childhood home in Versailles, France.
D. - Has your creativity or imagination been enhanced by any psychedelic drugs? When I asked this question, I turned off the recording device because I thought that maybe he might feel uncomfortable talking about this. I warned him about the question and he immediately told me that there was no reason for me to turn off the recording because he has never taken any drugs (but sleeping pills). He explained how he would ask his junkie friends about the effects of psychedelic drugs and then he would try to imitate that in his music videos. Then he pushed record himself...
M.G.- When I was a kid, I was really in love with Janis Joplin. I was a huge fan of her and she was dead since I was 10 yrs old, when I discovered her. I read her books. The books that her secretary wrote about her life and I had a very strong representation of what you put yourself through when you use drugs and the sadness of it, and the fact that she was dead. So really, it made me, had me very early a strong mind against drugs. Actually I never smoked (cigarettes) as well because I remember when I was in cinquieme, right when I was thirteen, and you first start to smoke in the bathroom. I was like, those guys have personality problems. They have to smoke to look cool like they're not happy with themselves. Even if I had some personality problem I would not want people to know it. To them they were looking cool, but to me it was like somebody came in ohh, with a personality issue. It's like I would never wear a hat for aesthetics.
D. As if you were wearing a flag
M.G.- I am this, I am that. I feel I have to earn who I am by what I am, not by what I wear. It's funny because my son (Paul, 15 years old) wears hats, and he's very cool looking all the time and my son is a different character but I think he's gonna be more tempted to smoke than I ever was.
D. It's different times!
M.G. I think it's different times and there’s a type of personality that he has , that its more about his friends opinion, which were important to me but I would never cheat to earn it. I have to earn it by who I am, who I was. So I was always super discreet in my way of dressing. I mean I think I have probably, my way of dressing has been consistent like I wear old man's shoes a lot of times, stuff like that.

(Bebe, the personal publicist lets me know that my time is up)

D.- I often describe you as a magician… Were you around magicians much when you were growing up?
M.G. - Yeah, I did magic tricks. I was not as good as I would have liked to be cause there is a manipulation process that I don't know really well how to do. You have to have the confidence to overcome failure, which scares me. Like a magician need to be ready if something goes wrong to do something to improvise. Bit I did a little magic show with my best friend, I remember my brother was stupid at the time when you keep saying like passing stuff under the table and we pull the cloth like that (he is moving his hands) you know to reveal me, trying to do so it was a bit of a prick at this age but I always liked magic, but I don't like magicians manipulating people like David Blaine.
I like the real magicians and their manipulation. The on who are the craft of the art and they are not pretending they're . What he does -David Blane- is controlling the media. He's gonna find somebody who's gonna believe something incredible and then gonna claim everywhere that magic happens and then he controls people's opinion and its because he's bad and he controls the media but, it's not very humble and I think it's boring to see him in a plastic cage.

D.- Where you influenced by (Georges) Melies? I think you are the Modern Melies.

M.G. - I like this comment of course!
D.- People have told you, haven't they?
M.G. Yeah, some people. One time a guy said opposite letter of George Melies (GM) and I am MG so obviously I like his inventivity and the fact that he was self sufficient and had his own studio and he made everything himself it’s really encouraging.

Sleeping Habits
D.- Where do you sleep best?
M.G.- (Long pause) Maybe in the countryside sometimes? It's so hard, I don't sleep good.
D.- No?
M.G.- I take sleeping pills because I'm gonna shoot and I need to rest but then I try to stop taking them and I sleep even worse. People tell me to do yoga, but its kinda boring maybe I should exercise. I have my bicycle.
D.- Do you ride in New York?
M.G. It's nice, I guess it's dangerous but it's really quick and nice.
D.- In Brooklyn?
M.G. I had a girlfriend in Brooklyn. I used to visit her in the bicycle it was great! I would take her in the bridge and she knew I would come, ha ha. The Williamsburg bridge.
D.- I heard you shot The Willowz video there (in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).
M.G.- All right then! (Joyful) I love them. They're so good. I don’t know why they are not bigger? They are genius, when I saw them in concert for the first time two weeks ago, it totally blew my mind out.
D.- I really liked the video!
M.G.- Oh yeah yeah!
D.- You have good taste. You chose them?
M.G. Yeah, it's funny because I was supposed to use The White Stripes music for Eternal Sunshine.. but they were too expensive, so someone said, this guys are great, you should listen to them and I listened to them and they were just great.
D.- and you play them in the movie (Science of Sleep)
M.G.- Yeah, in the new movie and its in the soundtrack and everything.
D.- How was Gael?
M.G.- Ohh, it's all about that too!
D.- That's a good choice, he's cute.
M<span style="font-weight:bold;">.G. - Yeah, he's cute and he's very happy and funny and is really good for his character and has a great range of acting. He would just make everybody happy on the set, which is really... He highly values friendship, its very important to him.

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BULBO is Tijuana... now!

Para los Norteamericanos (en especial los Californianos), Tijuana es su parque recreativo. Para los Mexicanos, Guatemaltecos, Salvadorenos (y cualquier emigrante que quiera llegar a la "tierra de la oportunidad") esta es una ciudad de paso. Para los fresas rebeldes o burgeses bohemios o ravers (o cualquier otra etiqueta social que represente a la clase media) esta es la tierra de Julieta Venegas, Nortec, y el shopping en San Diego. Sin embargo, hoy en dia, Tijuana es mucho mas que eso. Y para
muestra no basta un solo boton ya que BULBO no es solo una cosa, sino varias.

Bulbo surge en el año 2002, ante la necesidad y el deseo de los integrantes de la productora Galatea audio/visual de ver reflejada en la televisión realidades que generalmente los medios ignoran ya que la mayoría del contenido que se transmite en la región proviene de otros lugares de México y del mundo.

En respuesta a este vacío, esta productora decide intervenir en los medios de comunicación con una propuesta artística con contenido de calidad que ha servido para descubrir y proyectar diferentes estilos y formas de percibir la vida. De manera independiente, nace bulbo tv y la página de internet www.bulbo.tv en marzo del 2002. En octubre del mismo año inicia transmisiones radio bulbo, una propuesta radiofónica con entrevistas y música. Posteriormente, bulbo press una publicación bimensual, disco bulbo, un sello discográfico y recientemente, bulbo broadcast, una estación propia para transmisiones de televisión, radio y todo tipo de programaciones en tiempo real en internet.

Durante 2002, bulbo fue apoyado por el Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud con recursos para la producción del programa de televisión. Y en septiembre de 2003, por el Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), dentro del Programa de Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales para la producción y difusión de una temporada de televisión.

Estos son varios de los proyectos en los cuales BULBO ha participado
18 de mayo al 1 de Julio de 2006.
"Historias que no venden"
Dentro de la exposición del fotógrafo Francis Alÿss

Antiguo Colegio de San Idelfonso
México, D.F

Organizo en Marzo de 2003 el Festival Multidisciplinario de aniversario de bulbo tv, En vivo y a Todo Color, que contó con la asistencia de más de 2000 personas en la explanada del Centro Cultural Tijuana (cecut)

2006 Dresden Film Festival. Dresden, Alemania. Documentales seleccionados: "Ambulentes", "Koty", "Surfeando la Línea" y "Mi mejor amiga es extraterrestre".

bulbo tv se ha transmitido por las siguientes señales:
Canal 45 Tijuana-San Diego
Canal 61
Síntesis tv
Conaculta Canal 22
MVS Canal 52

Radio bulbo
estuvo al aire Octubre 2002 a Junio de 2004. A través de Estéreo Frontera 102.5 fm, estación del IMER. En Mayo de 2005, radio bulbo reanudó sus actividades mandando su señal por internet en bulbo broadcast junto con otros proyectos invitados.

check it out!

Gracias a Cristina Velazco de BULBO

Sex, Sex, Sex

BOOK: The Fascination of Evil by Florian Zeller
Written by a very good looking young French (of course) author. This is the quest for sexuality in a repressed country.

FILM: Black Snake Moan featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci as a nymphomaniac.

STORES: Kiki de Montparnasse

Kiki De Montparnasse is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination.

Established with the conviction that sensual pleasure and fulfillment are paramount to a well-lived life, our collections define a new category which empowers exploration of fantasy and communication of desire. We believe intimacy should be honored, and that discriminating consumers should be able to explore and express their passion with grace, sophistication and abandon.

They have designed and hand-selected a collection of inspired gifts and indulgences that not only enhance a life of intimacy and romance - they help create it. Sophisticated lingerie, ready to wear, jewelry and intimate accessories, as well as home, bath, body and beauty products — all are stylishly designed, made from the highest quality materials, and packaged with distinctive elegance.


Kate Moss all over the place!

Dior - hate it.
CK Jeans - juvenile and even childlike (as always)
Burberry - Classic, cute boys surrounding her
Louis Vuitton - Asian /Oriental
Belstaff - Great
David Yurman - Brigitte Bardotesque!
Versace - don't like the blong brows
Longchamp - I like the brown smoky eyes, and her the mole on her right breast.

The Thelma and Louise Club

After reading the NY Times Sunday Travel section (pg 2) I found out about a new web site that helps women plan adventure trips. It is a British site and has more than 1,300 members so far!

I thought it was cute, but I don't think the name is appropriate. For those of you who didn't know (Thelma and Louise) is a film directed by Ridley Scott and it tells the story two women's road trip from hell (rape, murder, male gigolos and suicide).

I'm not sure about those type of adventures... do you plan for that?


Sobre ciudades perdidas, magos y viboras; por Federico Ruanoa

THE LOST CITY.- Andy Garcia, Nestor Carbonell, Bill Murray, Dustin Hoffman, Ines Sastre, dirigida por Andy Garcia."La familia debe reunirse a comer los domingos a las seis en punto" anuncia Don Luis Fellove, el patriarca de una familia conformada por varios hermanos, siendo el mayor Federico " Fico" Fellove, el propietario de un centro nocturno en La Habana. Estamos a finales de 1958 y Fidel Castro se esta preparando para apoderarse de la Isla. Dos de los hermanos de Fico son fervientes seguidores de la revolucion, aunque tratan dentro de lo posioble por no desentenderse de la familia. Aunque Fico es apolitico, esta consciente de que se vislumbran cambios dramaticos para su patria; mientras éstos se dan, tiene que lidiar con el Gangaster Meyer Lanski (Hoffman) que lo esta presionando para hacer negocio con él; aprende a convivir con un misterioso individuo que supuestamente s un comediante y que nunca nos revela su nombre (Murray); también tiene que pedir favores para salvar a su hermano; en suma, tiene que buscar la forma de mantener a su familia unida ante todo y contra todo.
Andy Garcia debuta como director en una cita muy humana, muy bella visualmente y con una banda sonora excelente. Aunque no omito decirles que la pelicula hace una dura critica de Castro y su incipiente regimen (en esa epoca), al fin de cuenta se trata de una historia sobre una familia que poco a poco se va erosionando por las tribulaciones sufridas en un gran pais como lo es Cuba. Muy buena.
Calificacion: CORBATA ZEGNA

THE ILLUSIONIST.- Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel, Rufus Sewel, dirigida por Neil Berger.
Edward Norton es "Eisenheim" un gran ilusionista del siglo XIX en Viena Austria. De joven, dice la leyenda, tiene un encuentro con un mago y su vida cambia; él se enamora de una adoescente de clase acomodada pero como se trata de un pelebeyo, ambos se separan. Eisenheim recorre el mundo y un buen día presenta su impresionante espectaculo en un teatro de Viena. En el público se encuentra el inspector de policía Uhl, (Giammatti) quien desde un principio desea saber como es que el mago puede lograr trucos tan extraordinarios. La fama de Eiseheim llega a oidos del príncipe heredero de la corona (Sewel) y de su prometida; ambos acuden al teatro y es ahí en donde Eisenheim se da cuenta de que la niña que dejo de ver en su juventud, ahora es la prometida del príncipe. Es en ese momento en que las cosas se ponen muy interesantes, ya que Eisenheim encuentra una razon para llevar su arte a niveles insospechados, enfrentandose al inspector de policía y al propio príncipe, quien por cierto no parece estar muy convencido de las habilidades del mago.
Con un estilo que nos hace recordar un poco a "The Usual Suspects", The Illusionist le es fiel a su título; algunas cosas no son las que parecen. Norton hace un gran papel como el mago que es presa de una melancolía crónica y Giamattin nuevamente nos deslumbra con una extraordinaria actuación. Esta cinta podría ser nominada a un Oscar el año entrante y vale la pena verla otra vez. Excelente.
Calificacion: ARMANI

SNAKES ON A PLANE.- Samuel L. Jackson, Liliana Margoules, dirigida por David L. Ellis.
No entiendo como un actor de la talla de Samuel L. Jackosn se prestó para actuar en este vomitivo de película. La trama es básicamente la siguiente: un avión viajará de Hawai a Los Angeles. Uno de los pasajeros va a ser testigo en un tribunal en contra de un mafioso; para evitar su testimonio, al avión lo han llenado de serpientes. Jackson es el policía que tiene todas las soluciones para evitar un desastre y parecer ser el único capaz de encontrar una salida a una situación desesperada.
La película es inverosímil, innecesariamente gráfica y hasta cómica (sin que esa sea la intención).
Calificación: DINGO CON SARNA

ARMANI: Excelente. Para verla una y otra vez
CORBATA ZEGNA: Muy buena. Grandes actuaciones; buena dirección
FLAN DEL VIPS: Recomendable aunque nada excepcional
LLANTA GUANGA: Regular; me mantuvo algo interesado
CHURRO CON CAJETA: Jalada de los Pelos / Inverosímil
ALMOHADA LARGA: Me dormí en algunas escenas
ALTO DE DISCO: Mala aunque con algo rescatable
DINGO CON SARNA: Abismal. Nada rescatable

A parte de ser un excelente abogado, Federico Ruanoa es un cinefilo compartido que me permitio publicar sus resenas.

Contacto: federico.ruanova-guinea@bakernet.com

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The -shitty- Shins

I never thought I would say (or write) this... But we went to see The Shins last nite at the Mcarren Pool in Greenpoint and they sucked. We first listened to J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr's main guy) and although it was acoustically mellow, I enjoyed it much more than The Shins.

Once more I confirm that quantity does not rule over quality. Their set was long...21 songs (6 of them were new). James Mercer was standoffish, forgetful and irritated. He looked tired and bothered... Marty Crandall was trying to attract the attention while keyboardist made some dorky remarks about us being Pool Kids and us having a "Pool party without mummies".

1. Kissing the Lipless
2. Know your Onion
3. Girl Inform Me
4. Mine's not a High Horse
5. The Celibate Life
6. New song (OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
7. New song (very Beatles, OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
8. New song (too much for assuming, OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
9. New song (OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
10.New song (Phantom flies)
11. Newslang (Mercer forgot the lyrics, tried twice and quit)
12.Saint Simon
13. Turn a square
14. Chutes too narrow (YOUNG PILGRIMS)
15. New song (sounds like The Smiths)
16. Gone for Good
17. Girl on a Wing
18. One by One all day
19. So Says I
They left the stage... And after 5 long minutes they reappeared
20. Newslang
21. Caring is creepy

I modified the entry, cause someone sent a comment... he/she did like the concert, plus corrected me about those new songs.


I've been living in New York for two years now and I've always felt on vacation. There's so much to do and so many things to see that I never get bored. Nevertheless, New Yorkers do take time off especially during the summer. They have The Hamptons, Fire Island, Jones Beach, Virginia Beach,Montauk,Upstate N.Y., etc...
Since that was not so alluring for me (and I was lucky) I ended up going to Barcelona for three days. This vacation was not a relaxing one... jet-lag, airport stress with visas, walking and a ridiculous amount of alcohol.

Ok, why lie, I did have a GREAT TIME. This is what I did:
1. Stepped out of the plane...stress and disorder to get to customs.
2. Helped an American girl from Kentucky (she needed to hail a cab, didn't know spanish)
3. Hailed a cab to my friend's house (Calle la Marina #181 in front of La Monumental)
4. Dropped off bags, walked to La Sagrada Familia, took pics and rode the double decker turistic bus.
5. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...the weather was beautiful, nice and sunny.
6. Got off at Las Ramblas and had a bocadillo and a beer.
7. Window shopped at Las Ramblas (I don't like the spanish clothes...)
8. Stayed at my friend's house smoking, drinking and playing Scategories.
9. Woke up, went to check out the market, the cathedral and hung out at the beach (La Barcelonetta).
10. Went clubbing (hate electronic music, but it was Susy's b-day)
11. After-hours at some Argentinian's apt. in the Gothic Neighborhood.

12. Woke up kinda late, has some amazing albondigas and went to the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Barcelona.
13. Beach time! Paella, calamares and wine... yum! Ramblas...
14. Woke up at 7:30AM... tried to figure out the subway to get to the airport. Gave up and took a cab.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Helsinki Style

Just when I thought New York was on top of it...
HEL LOOKS is selected street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The pictures are taken in the streets and clubs of Helsinki from July 2005 onwards. HEL LOOKS is a hobby project of Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen. The project is a tribute to Fruits and Street magazines, the pioneers of street fashion photography.

You can contact them at info(at)hel-looks.com.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

En el Hoyo

En El Hoyo es el documental mas reciente del Mexicano Juan Carlos Rulfo. En este proyecto (fundado y premiado por el Sundance Institute y el Rockefeller Foundation) muestra una serie de personajes que trabajan en la construccion del segundo piso del Periferico en la Ciudad de Mexico.

-La toma del principio y la del final son impresionantes.
-El uso de time-lapse es basico y bien atinado (vemos como poco a poco se ensambla el segundo piso el Periferico).
- La musica incorpora los sonidos extraidos de la construccion del puente y sus personajes, agregandole un toque industrial y algo electronico. Lo podriamos comparar con la musica minimal de Colonia...
- Los personajes son genuinos, simpaticos y agradables, a parte de todo super bien presentados (en el hilo de la narrativa).
- Vemos las caracteristicas de cierta idiosincracia Mexicana (el vaquero, las carreras de caballos ilegales, los periodicos matutinos con mujeres desnudas, el lenguaje, las canciones, el albur, sus creencias, la comida y la siesta, las quejas sobre el gobierno y la corrupcion).
- La mujer policia es como la "Constanza" de la historia, la que habla sobre la muerte.
- Me encanta la toma de la peluqueria.

Seguro la personalidad de Rulfo y su templado caracter, lo ayudaron a conseguir la confianza de los personajes. Por otro lado, se rumora que esta sera la pelicula que Mexico postule al Oscar.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Before leaving for my one day vacation at Northport Long Island, I was asked for a favor at work. Genevieve told me "You are going to laugh, but could you pick up Steward Copeland at his hotel on Saturday?" and said yes without knowing who the Copeland guy was. The name sounded familiar, so I just pretended I knew... Later on I told my friends about it and they made fun of me, "How can you not know that Copeland was The Police drummer?"

Long story short, went to pick him up. 6:45 sharp, and there he was sitting on the W hotel bar. I briefly introduced myself and since he didn't offer me a seat, I just told him that I would be near the door. He came by after eating his snack and we went out on the street. He smoked a cigarette, I hailed a cab and off we went to the Lincoln Center. We talked about the film, about NY vs LA, about composing and about paparazzis. We got to the Walter Reade and he greeted some people, introduced the film and sat down on the bench. We thought he would want to hang out somewhere else during the screening, but he sat there the whole time, enjoying the film and watching people's reactions as if he was re-living those moments of his life as a rockstar.

The documentary is called "Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out" and it is very genuine and cute. You do feel like a member of the band. You see the fan hysteria. I love the way it starts, the animation and stop motion is very adhoc with the aesthetics of new wave. It is very well edited -after all, he is a drummer and they know about rhythm-. His choice of songs and acts is also great. You see all the brotherly love. They were so cool that nowadays kids in Williamsburg and Greenpoint (ok, Lower East Side too) dress exactly like that. The texture (super 8), the colors, etc. I learned that he is not Brit but American and that he was studying in Berkeley when they called him to start this band. Plus he acknowledged that Sting was the genius and composer of all those catchy songs.

In the Q & A he was very responsive and friendly (almost too much). Then he went back to his pissy stand-offish mode.

Ohh and he declared that he listens to Death Metal, Bluegrass and Brazilian music and he is now jamming with the kid from Slipknot and the guy from Primus.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday night at Kensington Manor

White Nights - The Lines (because I wanted to listen to The Police...)
A Rush a Push and the Land is Ours - The Smiths
Adult - Daryl Hall and John Oates
I Can't Go for That - Daryl Hall and John Oates

Art Brut "Bang Bang Rock and Roll"

Fresh out of the Big Takeover's new office in Kensington BK came Art Brut's new album "Bang Bang Rock and Roll". It's brilliant. Reminds me of Pulp (Emily Kane is Art Brut's version of Pulp's Disco 2000).

"I'm drinking Henessey with Morrissey, on a beach, out of reach, somewhere very far away. I'm considering a move to L.A."
-from Moving to L.A.

Se muere un grande, queda joven.

Es Domingo y a punto de terminar mi rutina de leer los periódicos en línea, leo en La Jornada sobre la muerte de Julio Galán. Me dieron ganas de estar en Monterrey e ir al funeral a ver quién iba, a ver que espectáculo social se daba -en su honor-.

Justo antes de salir de prepa (1997) me interesé por el arte local.Entre mis conocidos estaba el hijo de Guillermo Sepúlveda. Isac amablemente prestaba la hacienda de su papá en Villa de García para hacer fiestas y "raves". Este lugar, estaba lleno de artifactos, antiguedades, esculturas y pinturas. Muchas eran obras de Galán. Algunas en bastidores y otras sobre las paredes del cuarto en el cual estaba el piano y una salida al patio. Creo que hasta en el baño había obra. Un "Galán" en la pared de la casa del papá de un amigo, me impresionaba, no por el contenido sino por la magnitud y la fama que este artista había alcanzado, y sobretodo por el valor histórico de este lugar. Sin duda Sepúlveda fue su fiel mecenas. La última ves que fui, era la fiesta de cumpleaños de Roberto Arcaute, un joven artista que en esos momentos ya llevaba un semestre en La Esmeralda. Vimos una peli de John Waters, creo que era Hairspray. Para mi todo esto era un espectáculo, pero no me daba cuenta que yo formaba parte del mismo...

La última ves que ví a Galán fue en Noviembre del 2003. El Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey se "enagalanaba" en presentar -entre otras obras de artistas locales- un extravagante altar de muertos hecho por Julio Galán. Casi pegado al barandal que da al patio central.

"A los 21 años (Galán) empezó a exponer en una de las galerías más prestigiosas del poderoso estado (sic) de Monterrey, de allí pasó al Soho neoyorquino y a Europa. Se diría que Galán es el modelo de artista que triunfó en los años 80, un momento de gran incidencia del mercado en la producción artística, de eufórica promoción de la juventud y de corrección política que llevó -en el hemisferio norte- a festejar todo lo que tuviera que ver con minorías étnicas, políticas o sexuales. Su mundo, corrosivamente autorreferencial, encaja perfectamente en esa espectacularización de lo privado que adquirió una vigencia sin precedentes en aquellos años."

Ana María Battistozzi, crítica de arte argentina, 1997