Friday, March 28, 2008

E3 se despide de YAUTEPEC



Look who got her pot on the cover...

Sheila Schultz, mother of two, wife of one and soon to be famous just got her fabulous pot on the cover of Fine Gardening. I'm worried that when we go to Denver to visit, she will be so busy planting with the "Denver Dirty Girls" that we won't have time to go thrift shopping anymore!!!

Congratulations Sheila!

If I told you you were beautiful, will you date me in the regular @ Oliver Kamm 5BE

After Noah's show I headed north to W27th st. I had never been to the Oliver Kamm space but I assure you this was my first and last. This closing party was a one night only deal where I couldn't even see our friend's Eric sculpture. I just got to see many Malverde stickers on the walls... and I drank like three vodka and sodas. Dance music of the likes of Justin and the other mousketeers and kids incorporated were blasting from the speakers as dozens of hipsters and and stinkers pushed and tried to dance with their coats on one arm and the drink on their hand.

This was the info regarding the show... what do you think?

If I told you you were beautiful, would you date me on the regular? is a one-night-only group show featuring artists who have used media and its by-products to make objects. The title is a quote from Justin Timberlake's My Love, a song that asks how little Timberlake would have to do for you to devote yourself to him utterly. Artists included in the show invert this relationship: demanding culture yield its materials to them for reinvention or repurposing.

This will be the last event at Oliver Kamm's current location—a final dance party designed to privilege interaction and social engagement. In the spirit of a dramatic rejection of systemized forms of cultural production, and as a reaction to the speed with which media is consumed today, the show was conceived, planned, and executed in only three weeks.

Please email for more information.

Noah Sheldon @ D'amelio Terras

It was a cold spring night. I was walking towards W22nd st in New York's Chelsea and I got to D'amelio Terras gallery right before closing time. Noah Sheldon and his friends were sitting down on a bench in the middle of the space. The space, what an amazing atmosphere! The four walls were surrounded by eyes. Drawn eyes perfectly framed in blonde wood and white back. Multiple expressions. Some eyes were framed together, some were from one same person, others were combinations. Others were just by itself. Just like people... but it was just eyes. Pretty and harmonious.

525 W 22nd St
New York, NY 10011
t 212 352 9460
f 212 352 9464

Monday, March 10, 2008

Video de Exposición E3

Por Aiway

Sunday, March 09, 2008

LOST a short by Thomas de Napoli

I really enjoyed this short. I love the Uruguay part... check more of their stuff at

Good Movies/Bad Movies

Last weekend I was in bed. I felt like shit. I had strep throat. The only good thing was that it forced me to have a lot of time to read and watch movies. So I grabbed the batch that I collected from the screeners when I used to work at the Film Society.

The bad ones:
Finn's Girl (a bad lesbian film)
The Bothersome Man (Terry Gilliam rip-off gone wrong)
Flakes (film about a Cereal Bar in New Orleans with Zoey Deschannel)
Hotel Harabati (french rip-off of a Lynch film)
Jack Smith's Atlantis (documentary about an outsider gay artist with a very freaky voice)

The good ones:
Thicker Than Water - Árni Ásgeirsson 2006(excellent photography, acting and screenplay)
Alice's House - Chico Texeira, 2006 (great acting, good script)
City Walls: My Own Private Teheran - Afsar Sonia Shafie, 2006(a great documentary to watch after Marjan Satrapi's Persepolis).
Bombón el Perro - Carlos Sorin, 2004 (simple, cute story, excellent actors, happy ending)
Dinner with Murakami - Yan Ting Yuen, 2007 (beautiful documentary about the Japanese best selling author Haruki Murakami)
The Favor - Eva Aridjis (yes, Homero Aridjis daughter... but she's a good director and the main actor, this bald guy is great! The story is OK and she uses music from her Interpol friends)

Camilla Staerk SS 08'

Esta diseñadora danesa egresada del London College of Fashion, ha dejado boquiabiertos a muchos. Sus creaciones son tan buenas, cómodas y agradables a la vista que muchos jóvenes cosmopolitas portan su ropa y sus zapatos de la manera más casual y despreocupé. A mi me encantó su nueva colección y cuando esté en NY me compraré unos mocasines...

Las lineas de los diseños de su colección primavera/verano 2008 son masculinas. Sin embargo, gracias a esta simplicidad, resalta la feminidad de la chica que porte una de estas prendas. En la colección hay un par de vestidos largos, hechos con telas viscosas en gris o negro. Uno de ellos tiene una silueta muy "Giacommetti" por lo tanto solo es recomendable para las chicas delgadas. Hay un outfit de saco de manga corta y pantalón (el último de izq. a derecha en la foto) que nos recuerda a los "double breasted suits"; se ve increíble con tacones de un color contrastante (rosa, amarillo, azúl aqua). Staerk también propone shorts cortos con blusas de botones y el estampado "tartan". La espalda al descubierto o las blusas con el corte "racer back" también se ven bastante agradables para el verano, y muestran una parte del cuerpo femenino muy sexy.

A parte de todo, si no puedes conseguir estas prendas, es muy fácil vestirte así.

Wolfgang Tillmans - Museo Rufino Tamayo

La exposición del fotógrafo alemán Wolfgang Tillmans es una buena opción para un paseito de domingo. A parte de que la entrada al Tamayo es libre, la expo es muy ligera y fresca. La museografía de este show muestra las fotografías de diferentes tamaños pegadas a la pared en diferentes alturas. Muchas sin marcos, sin esa rigidez, muchas mostrando un hombre joven con la cabeza rapada.. será que le gustan los hombres así? O que es su novio? O un amigo que lo acompaña... no lo sé. Hay muchas fotos de naturaleza muerta, sobretodo de ropa colgada o ropa arrugada. Después hay unas vitrinitas con objetos, artículos de periódicos locales e internacionales y fotos de la ciudad de México. Una onda de protesta social... pero no sentí que fuera necesaria.

Fue algo lindo para mirar... sin embargo o no fui muy receptiva o no me llegó. I've seen better Tillmans stuff.

Una Vieille Maitresse - Catherine Brelliat

I've always been a fan of Catherine Brelliat and last September, I didn't get the chance to stay for the whole New York Film Festival so I could see this film. Nevertheless, that's what FICCO is for and I went to the movie theater by myself, sat down and enjoyed the show.

The plot is based on the Jules-Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly novel which Brelliat adapted brilliantly. Asia Argento plays Vellini, a Spanish moor mistress who is prey and predator with one of her conquests; Ryno de Marigny, a young good looking civilian with whom she carries a long lasting affair that will soon come to an end cause of Marigny's marriage with an aristocrat. The story is told by Marigny, when he is forced to confess about this intense relationship to his soon to be aunt-in-law. These flashbacks show how Vellini and D' Marigny met, the hate, the love, the sex and lust, the good times and the bad times and death... Which leads me to think that obviously, this guy won't be able to cut the links that he has with this woman... and that he won't be able to resist the best sex he's ever had even though he likes the ways of his prudish wife.

I love the way the old aunts reflect upon women's role in society during those times and how it hasn't changed much after all these years. How men can still cheat and it's ok... but what I enjoyed the most was Asia's performance. She's great for these sexual temptress, intense, gullible, free spirit, three dimensional roles. She looks great even when she's crying inconsolably.

The costume design is excellent as well. All the outfits that Asia was wearing were ad-hoc with her character and also herself. And what can I say about the kid who plays De Marigny... I would go crazy like Vellini for a guy like that. He's so good looking that he probably doesn't catch that many would be scary to date someone so hot.

Mr. Lonely - Harmony Korine

The first time I heard about Harmony Korine was back in 96, when Larry Clark's film KIDS hit an art house cinema in my hometown. I was 17 and stuck in this steamy industrial town where most of the people I knew were like me and we never knew someone with aids, neither did we hit the streets like kids in NY did...

Blew my mind. I felt disgust and attraction all at once. By then I couldn't explain to myself that there was beauty in "ugly" things or deeds.

A while later I saw Gummo and Julien-Donkey Boy but couldn't understand what I was watching. It was creepy, scary and nightmarish like. Where are those people, those freaks, those abandoned places and this feeling of displacement coming from? Almost a decade later, I had to watch this films again. A professor from my graduate studies, used to work with him (and apparently they had a "thing")and exemplified certain filmmaking skills with Julien.

Now that I'm back in Mexico, I find out that he's a cult director and that he already deserved a retrospective in the local film festival... dunno about that, but I did go see him talk and he's just a dude who shoots what he feels like shooting. Like hallucinations turned into reality.

Mr. Lonely is freaky as well. Seeing Diego Luna dressed up as Michael Jackson, being the lust object of Samantha Morton dressed up as Marlyn Monroe is quite a trip. I felt like I was in an Alice and Wonderland world. Overwhelmed, but weirded out by this people and their surroundings. Plus there's a scene with singing eggs... I enjoyed it, but still don't get it. I know you've heard about the flying nuns and Werner Herzog, but those scenes didn't impress me... I've seen similar stuff in old Mexican movies with la India María.