Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ma Mere

Let's throw a flamboyant funeral for the agony of your desire!


I just finished watching Christophe Honoré's adaptation of George Bataille's controversial novel "Ma Mere". It was not an easy film to watch. It's beauty is interlaced with sexual atrocities. I have not read Bataille, but even though I am curious, I don't think I could handle such content. I try to be objective, to keep cool, to analyze the layers, to watch it superficially. I must have known better, Isabelle Huppert and her latest roles... she is a lot into S&M. The same goes for the magnificent young actor Louis Garrel. I recognized him immediatley, he was in Bertolucci's "Dreamers".


Aren't you afraid of what you can become if you just let go?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


When we get together in the break the question that sends a shiver down our spines is: what'll you do if you lose your job? For the man in the paddock,whose duty it is to sweep up manure, the supreme terror is the possiblity of a world without horses. To tell him that it is disgusting to spend one's life shoveling up hot turds is a piece of imbecility.A man can get to love shit if his livelihood depends on it, if his happiness is involved.

-Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

Saturday, January 14, 2006



Marine Girls - He got the girl (1983)
Sunset Grill - Don Henley (1984)
Private Eyes - Daryl Hall & John Oates (1981)
Prove me Wrong - The Sound (1985)

Caché - Michael Haneke

Cafe Habana

Pravda - Bloody Martini, Amstel Light
Max Fish's - Corona

Midnight Snack
Rosario's - Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil slice -of pizza-

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tacos del Guero!

"Dos de barbacoa en tortilla de maíz por fa! ahh y una diet".

"Como que me quedé con hambre y la verdad la barbacoa sabe más rica en tortilla de harina...me da dos de barbacoa en harina?"

"Cuánto es?"
"46 pesos."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Viva Happy- Fi (parte 1)

1. Goma - Still I wake up in the morning (Like it a lot)

2. Mario - Muchacho Satánico (no sabía que esta canción era de culto en el DF, everyone knows it. Es verídico? Cuántos testigos fueron?

3. La live band - baby baby (la grabación está muy indie, muy parecido a las bandas que veo en Williamsburg)

4. Be my Bronx - 14 days (nice mellow, nice drums, parecido a the Ladybug Transistor, nice tone of voice, pretty song) fácil pasa como banda de Brooklyn o de Boulder o de Austin.

5. Niña - Arena Azúl. (Qué no había una rola de Martha Sánchez la de Olé Olé que se llamaba así? Definitivamente le echan muchas ganas, es una rola muy alegre, muy fresca, la voz invita, makes me bob my head to the beat. “Nadie le importa que tu nombre esté en las avenidas” cool lyrics. Me gusta que las canciones hablen de otra cosa que no sean de amor o desamor.

6. Buba y sus carros eléctricos - you luk good. (amateurishly charming, but does not make an effect on me. ruidos desaforados, y juego... disonante. El y Riki son parte de Happy-Fi. Musos inspiradores, personajes peculiares que rara vez se dan en tierras regias. Saludos a Buba en Barcelona....mmm o en Londres?

7. Riki Razo - what’s the microphone for? (Very abstract. Scary kids voices, Mucho tripeo Star Wars. WOW nice development, sirve para el comienzo de un fashion show de Mc.Queen)

8. Gino - Bug Song. (Me sacó de onda el ring del teléfono...pensé que era en mi casa)

9. Niña - WV (La cancíón está grabada un poco bajito. Me gusta el uuuuh! easy listening y el tono de la voz.)

10. Mario - no hay onda . (Nice experimient. jajajaj, pues en Monterrey hay que ser super creativos para divertirse. Tocumbo está cerrado? Qué raro, hasta en el día más frío del año abren)

11. Gustavo Maurizio - bike...partly cloudy...smells like rain... (simple. minimal sounds. me gustó esa imperfección no planeada, cuando después de teclear, se equivoca, y continua)

12. Gustavo Maurizio - Untitled - (fairies all around)

13. Pistol Chunky - If its Love. (I like the way the piano sounds, I like the voice... Amonía beatlesque... onda Decemberists. Very pink! Love.)

14. D3ndron -Here on stereo. (It would be cool if you played it faster... more agressive. Try it. Más The cure)

15. D3endron - slow and spacey, not my type.

16. Eugenio Royale - energy efficient. (Let’s dance, and drink an electric lemonade. Lke it a lot. A pesar de sus similitudes con Idioteque de Radiohead)

17. La Paleta de Andrea - Coleco days. (Siento que estoy en un videojuego, o que el sonido de un organista está mezclado en el Reason)

18. Mario y Goma - la calne. Jajajaja...estoy en Cuba. No hay instrumentos, solo los sartenes. Me gustaría ponerla aquí con todos los vegetarianos que hay. Me supongo que es un inside joke que pasó a la historia.

19. La Live band - waiting for you. blah...

Vintage shopping in Denver

In the mood for new looks? Shop vintage...try visiting the following places.

All American Vogue
(303) 733-4140
10 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

*Amazing display, lots of wigs. Men and women department are separated. I loved the Ru Paul boot dept.

Boss Unlimited
(303) 871-0373
18 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
* Extremely Organized Store. It's not as big as Williamsburg's Beacon's Closet but every label has a description of the piece, the decade, size and price. Not much jewlery but you can even find an original 50's poodle skirt!

56 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80209-1506 View Map
(303) 733-2288
* This is not a vintage store. They sell new clothes that have the vintage look. Lot's of Free for the people, Triple Five soul, Joe's jeans. very similar to Urban Outfitters, nice journals, grandma furniture, floral and oriental body lotions. My fave objects: huge aluminum letters in copper color.

Blooming Deals
2826 East Colfax (at Fillmore & Detroit)
Denver, CO
* You can find excellent cocktail dresses.

Buffalo Exchange
230 E. 13th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 866-0165
*My second favorite. I've bought two shirts already. Not expensive, good quality. More stuff for girls than guys.

Lavender Smile
(303) 377-7308
2404 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206
* Beautiful display. You feel like in the 20's. Lot's of elegant frocks. Nice vintage shoes. Good brands, excellent service. It's an exclusive place. Mondays is by appointment.

3629 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 458-5712

* My favorite. Bought a striped Jackie O-shirt and a 60's skirt. The store is small but it has a good selection. Chcek the used Joe's, Seven, Citizens and Marc Jacobs' jeans.