Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's the difference between the APT, APC and ITP?


It is 7:57PM and I am still at "work". Yes, I am sitting at the front desk at DuArt and there's not much going on. I been looking at craigslist, rent-direct and many other different apartment seeking websites. Zoe and I have seven more days to find a house and we have not seen much. I am getting worried, but I am sure something will come up (or not!).

Thinking about apartments, got me thinking about APT,APC and ITP

APT: For all the people that don't live in NY (Or Jersey), The APT is a trendy bar in the Meatpacking District. For starters, I think that neighborhood is still packing meat. There's lots of good looking people, mini skirts, tight jeans, clevage (even if its 35 degrees out!). It has a main floor and a basement.

419 West 13th St (at 9th Ave)
New York,
Telephone: 001 212 414 4245

A buzz DJ bar in the Meatpacking District, although its cache has cooled somewhat since word got out exactly where it was. The owners originally refused to post their address anywhere and the bar had no phone. We can reveal it's located on West 13th, behind large green metal doors that just "Open Sesame" when you ring the buzzer. Trendy thirtysomethings in fake fur and name labels are found in the louche, intimate, box-sized basement, a long table partition separating the sections. A small console is set aside for the DJs, cool cats who tend to spin more rarefied grooves here than you' ll ever hear in the bigger more commercial venues. All drinks are on offer but try the Pimm's Cup special, which is well worth the 9 bucks a shot and might make you think you're in England.

And then there is APC... only extremeley hip people (or europeans) know about this clothing brand. Their store is somewhere in soho. Their wood uneven floor matches with the uneven tiling of soho's streets. It's a big store, but they only sell 30 different things. Each of them is ridiculously expensive. A t-shirt for 70 bucks!!!! A sweater that I could get at Salvation Army for 140 bucks... I couldn't open their website... Maybe they have more than 30 items. The french guy in my 16mm class has a corduroy jacket from APC (the store and his attitude do vintage and arrogance).

Lateley I've been hanging out with some folks from the ITP program at NYU. It all started that night I went to see Silverio and Sonido Laser Drakkar at the Passerby. Dancing like crazy, I met this guy as he was leaving. I asked him why and he said he needed to work on his thesis...what do you study? I asked and he answered ITP. Ohh, OK... it was really loud so I just pretended that I knew what it was, but he noticed that it didn't ring the bell, so he explain. Since then, I've been to a couple of very interesting events. One was a panel conference about media activism and the other one about pacmanhattan.

ITP is a pioneering graduate department in the study and design of new media, computational media and embedded computing under the umbrella of interactivity.