Saturday, December 10, 2005

Frozen Cause

yup, the boys of Cause Commotion after the Love of Diagrams show.

Que viva México?

Pues si dicen... solo que el chavo parece iraní.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thanksgiving @ the Schultz's -Denver,C.O.

Nice colorful license plates!

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Brett and me (I had to really cover myself, it was cold)

On our way to Winter Park.

The Schultz family

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Picture with bald Mexican guys...

I am almost done editing my short film but I still need to get a picture with four bald Mexican guys. They should be "of age", meaning old and wrinkly. They should look like farmers or construction workers and they should be smiling (if possible holding a beer bottle or a can).

In my search -cause I am still positive about finding something on the web- I have seen pretty interesting stuff.

Did you know that there is a Bald Pride site?

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Big Takeover evening

Here is a little bit of namedropping -because this is just what it is- . This afternoon, Josh asked me to accompany him to run some errands. It was cold as hell but Josh wanted to go to the post office (drop off some records he e-bayed), Salvation Army (drop off an old radio, an old stereo, some dumbbells, a set of dishes with 80's decor and a basket), Something Else on 5th av (to collect $50 bucks), and Citibank (to deposit his Cake Shop profits). Before getting to Something Else (the record store Josh works at), we stop at Beacon's Closet and Josh starts complaining that the girl who works there didn't say hello. We leave. We get to Something Else (the record store that is owned by Anthony from Radio 4) and Anthony is not there to pay Josh. Bummer! No shoes for Josh. He wanted to go to Magic Shoes (on Bleecker) to buy new vans. We head to the R train to go to the city. We go to the citibank on 5th and then to my school, I had to pick up an adaptor for the microphone I am using to record some stuff.

After that, Josh remembers that he needs to go to "Jack's office". O.K. F train, 2nd av stop. Walk a few blocks, climb stairs for a while and we get to this crammed up apartment. All the walls have shelves from the floor to the roof, full of cd's. Others have books, dictionaries, music encyclopedias, etc... Some guy Bobby greets us with a bottle of Jameson's -it's cold outside, wanna drink?- Josh gets a swig... I just stand there. What is this place? in the end of this long hallway full of cd's and boxes on the floor, I see a skinny guy -mid 40's- typing fast as hell. A LES hipster to my left side that Josh "had seen before somewhere" and to my right two girls talking about Interpol with that Bobby guy. After standing like an idiot for a while...or while Josh was checking out the cd's on the hall shelve, the guy that was typing introduces himself. "Hello, I am Jack" I reply " Nice to meet you, Daniela"... "Welcome to the office, sorry that its cold" -but I was sweating cause of the stairs I had to climb- so I saiid " no problem, its cozy to me' and then he says, "Maybe cause i am close to the window, I should wear gloves while typing" and then I think "maybe you should close the window buddy!" So he asks me "Where are you from?" "Mexico" "Ohh Mexico, I just went there hace dous veranous" that cracked me up but charmed me too! The guy's trying to speak spanish, that's so cute. He talked about León Guanajuato, the real mexican food, tapeworms and his wife getting sick, and a spa up in a mountain. Alright, I am really hungry...So I urge Josh to split. We leave, and Bobby walks with us. That's when I realize that this Bobby guy used to be the drummer of Bad Religion and now works directly with Interpol and The Strokes plus he is half Mexican and he knew Héctor Miganjos a guy who brought Interpol to Mexico. So anyways... The place I was at is The Big Takeover office... the guy with cold hands was the legendary Jack Rabid and Josh writes reviews for them.

Who would have thought?

Now, I am back home, about to leave again. There's a party in Tribeca, a pop up American Apparel Store... I don't want to go. I feel ugly and I'm sure there's a lot of skinny models in see through t-shirts.

Did you like my name dropping text... hope I don't get in trouble... I might not get a job in Monterrey.

I fear.