Saturday, April 28, 2007

To all my girls...

Songs with my friends' names....

oh daniella - chaussetts noires
silvia - lalo schifrim
brenda - the cupids
suzie q - dale hawkins
gabriela - antonio carlos jobim
annie - elastica
alejandra - billy
claudia - perez prado
maria cristina - eliades ochoa
christine keeler - glaxo babies
emily kane - art brut
erika - poppermost
erika fire - the monos!
marie - towns van zandt
jessica - the beau brummels
leah - bruce springsteen
miriam - volebeats
cindy - jonny cash and nick cave
valleri - the king of luxenbourg
song for eugenia - the troubadors
hang on siobhan - the walkmen

Songs of women I know
stephanie says - velvet underground
paris - razon penguins
marilyn dreams - b-movie
carlota - judy nylon
karen - the go between's
oh pamela - the wake
joleen (cover of dolly parton) - rubber rodeo
jessie - zoot woman
jane fonda - new age
penelope tree - felt
sara - fleetwood mac
miranda - fleetwood mac
christine - the house of love/ siouxie and the banshees
isobel - bjork
lua - bright eyes
nikkita - elton john
dory previn - camera obscura

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An Englishman in New York

I had forgotten that my Valentine's day present was to go see Jarvis Cocker. Tickets were on sale in advance and the show immediately sold out. As a big PULP fan, I couldn't miss such event. Nevertheless, I didn't expect much cause the two songs I heard from his solo album were kinda formulaic and normal. Thing is, this guy is a true showman. He's still one of the greatest front men and he proved it last nite, when more than 1000 people showed up and stayed for an hour long show were they didn't know a song. Cocker not only sang, he danced (a mix of Scott Walker and a geeky kid), read a book, joked and shared his drinks with the audience. His style and charm were present at all times, but he won the New York audience by doing a Bruce Springsteen cover.

He should be crowned too! He made my night.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Miss Marie

WANTED: Young French female for a short but intense friendship during my last month in NY. She should be a chain smoker, always on a diet but willing to break it for something sweet, excellent taste in music, from Brittany, German descent, dancing to everything including the cell phone ring tones, in a shopping mood all the time, commuting with many bags and losing some on her way, meeting guys in the subway and eating from their pizza, excellent cook and must look like the girl on the picture.

coney island time!

KNOT on Youtube!

beggining credits song: Miniskirt by Esquivel!
ending credits song: Baby Baby Baby by La Live Band

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The horoscope is so true!

Warning: this time i'm posting just to post. Maybe I always am (posting just to post).

Last nite I picked up the L magazine fresh from the little plastic orange stand. After going through it, and getting some info for my last weeks in this wonderful city (sob!) I looked at my horoscope.


and this is what it said:

When I look at you Cancer, all I see are your crazy monster eyes. I can only assume that you've been consuming far too many harmful substances (daiquiris, Twix, the novels of Paul Auster). You may think your body can handle all the punishments you're prepared to offer, and while that may be true, I think the tight rubber coveralls might be cutting off blood to the brain.

I do have crazy monster eyes because I've been looking at the computer screen like crazy.
It's been a month of having more than two drinks daily (daiquiris included)
I did have a Twix or two on Friday.
and unfortunately I forced myself to read a Paul Auster book under the idea that I was going to interview him (which will not happen and I was secretly happy about it).
About the rubber, well, I did buy a pair of rubber boots today and had to take em off at work cause my feet where falling asleep.

Friday, April 06, 2007

particles : gabriela galvan

Particles is a solo exhibition by Gabriela Galvan. It speakes of particles on the verge of exploding as well as the concentration and dispersion of its energy. It's the construction of the abstract registry of time. The processes that constitute Galvan's work explore control and improvisation bewteen relations that include encounters with daily life.

The opening will take place on friday april 6 from 6 - 8PM with dj's sets from Alfredo Hubbard and myself.

Fireworks - Whitest Boy Alive
Long Time Roll - She's a tease
House with a Hundred Rooms - The Chills
Talk about the past - The Wake
Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow - Felt
Excentric Ana Karina - Long Blondes
Blue Eyes - Good Shoes
Big Mouth Strikes Again - Morrissey
One More Time - Love is All
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxie and the Banshees
Looking at the Mirror - The Ponys