Thursday, April 12, 2007

The horoscope is so true!

Warning: this time i'm posting just to post. Maybe I always am (posting just to post).

Last nite I picked up the L magazine fresh from the little plastic orange stand. After going through it, and getting some info for my last weeks in this wonderful city (sob!) I looked at my horoscope.


and this is what it said:

When I look at you Cancer, all I see are your crazy monster eyes. I can only assume that you've been consuming far too many harmful substances (daiquiris, Twix, the novels of Paul Auster). You may think your body can handle all the punishments you're prepared to offer, and while that may be true, I think the tight rubber coveralls might be cutting off blood to the brain.

I do have crazy monster eyes because I've been looking at the computer screen like crazy.
It's been a month of having more than two drinks daily (daiquiris included)
I did have a Twix or two on Friday.
and unfortunately I forced myself to read a Paul Auster book under the idea that I was going to interview him (which will not happen and I was secretly happy about it).
About the rubber, well, I did buy a pair of rubber boots today and had to take em off at work cause my feet where falling asleep.


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