Wednesday, March 14, 2007

La Radio

I really miss driving my car and listening to shitty radio. I used to do that a lot when I was in Monterrey. In the morning I would mix a little bit of lefty AM news and comments and then listen to Fernanda Familiar (the modern rich housewife oprah/martha stuart wannabe) . Afterwards the dial would stay at 102.1 where my former film studies teacher Nazario Sepulveda would play classical music and talk about the cultural events in Monterrey. Later on I would just play the guessing game, switching from one station to the other as soon as a knew the song title and the artist.

Now that I don't drive and don't have a radio... I listen to three on-line radio stations:

Reactor, a chilanga (from Mexico DF) station that plays Zoe 40 times a day mixed with noiselab stuff

Viva Radio, created by American Apparel hipsters where I can listen to the fabulous Dan Selzer mixes

Nova Radio, French radio with commercials included (to learn French)
What do you listen to?


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