Saturday, April 28, 2007

To all my girls...

Songs with my friends' names....

oh daniella - chaussetts noires
silvia - lalo schifrim
brenda - the cupids
suzie q - dale hawkins
gabriela - antonio carlos jobim
annie - elastica
alejandra - billy
claudia - perez prado
maria cristina - eliades ochoa
christine keeler - glaxo babies
emily kane - art brut
erika - poppermost
erika fire - the monos!
marie - towns van zandt
jessica - the beau brummels
leah - bruce springsteen
miriam - volebeats
cindy - jonny cash and nick cave
valleri - the king of luxenbourg
song for eugenia - the troubadors
hang on siobhan - the walkmen

Songs of women I know
stephanie says - velvet underground
paris - razon penguins
marilyn dreams - b-movie
carlota - judy nylon
karen - the go between's
oh pamela - the wake
joleen (cover of dolly parton) - rubber rodeo
jessie - zoot woman
jane fonda - new age
penelope tree - felt
sara - fleetwood mac
miranda - fleetwood mac
christine - the house of love/ siouxie and the banshees
isobel - bjork
lua - bright eyes
nikkita - elton john
dory previn - camera obscura


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