Sunday, April 15, 2007

Miss Marie

WANTED: Young French female for a short but intense friendship during my last month in NY. She should be a chain smoker, always on a diet but willing to break it for something sweet, excellent taste in music, from Brittany, German descent, dancing to everything including the cell phone ring tones, in a shopping mood all the time, commuting with many bags and losing some on her way, meeting guys in the subway and eating from their pizza, excellent cook and must look like the girl on the picture.


Anonymous Mary Poppins said...


I have met this girl I think. Mary Bunny Poppins, right? She's somewhere between her desk and her Kitchen, switching from laptop to saucepan, trying to write her thesis and enjoy summertime Debuts in Lyon at the same time...
I think she's missing NY's women and Woman. I think she's planning a Fall trip to Mexico.

2:52 PM  

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