Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An Englishman in New York

I had forgotten that my Valentine's day present was to go see Jarvis Cocker. Tickets were on sale in advance and the show immediately sold out. As a big PULP fan, I couldn't miss such event. Nevertheless, I didn't expect much cause the two songs I heard from his solo album were kinda formulaic and normal. Thing is, this guy is a true showman. He's still one of the greatest front men and he proved it last nite, when more than 1000 people showed up and stayed for an hour long show were they didn't know a song. Cocker not only sang, he danced (a mix of Scott Walker and a geeky kid), read a book, joked and shared his drinks with the audience. His style and charm were present at all times, but he won the New York audience by doing a Bruce Springsteen cover.

He should be crowned too! He made my night.


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