Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ma Mere

Let's throw a flamboyant funeral for the agony of your desire!


I just finished watching Christophe Honoré's adaptation of George Bataille's controversial novel "Ma Mere". It was not an easy film to watch. It's beauty is interlaced with sexual atrocities. I have not read Bataille, but even though I am curious, I don't think I could handle such content. I try to be objective, to keep cool, to analyze the layers, to watch it superficially. I must have known better, Isabelle Huppert and her latest roles... she is a lot into S&M. The same goes for the magnificent young actor Louis Garrel. I recognized him immediatley, he was in Bertolucci's "Dreamers".


Aren't you afraid of what you can become if you just let go?


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