Friday, March 28, 2008

If I told you you were beautiful, will you date me in the regular @ Oliver Kamm 5BE

After Noah's show I headed north to W27th st. I had never been to the Oliver Kamm space but I assure you this was my first and last. This closing party was a one night only deal where I couldn't even see our friend's Eric sculpture. I just got to see many Malverde stickers on the walls... and I drank like three vodka and sodas. Dance music of the likes of Justin and the other mousketeers and kids incorporated were blasting from the speakers as dozens of hipsters and and stinkers pushed and tried to dance with their coats on one arm and the drink on their hand.

This was the info regarding the show... what do you think?

If I told you you were beautiful, would you date me on the regular? is a one-night-only group show featuring artists who have used media and its by-products to make objects. The title is a quote from Justin Timberlake's My Love, a song that asks how little Timberlake would have to do for you to devote yourself to him utterly. Artists included in the show invert this relationship: demanding culture yield its materials to them for reinvention or repurposing.

This will be the last event at Oliver Kamm's current location—a final dance party designed to privilege interaction and social engagement. In the spirit of a dramatic rejection of systemized forms of cultural production, and as a reaction to the speed with which media is consumed today, the show was conceived, planned, and executed in only three weeks.

Please email for more information.


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