Sunday, March 09, 2008

Una Vieille Maitresse - Catherine Brelliat

I've always been a fan of Catherine Brelliat and last September, I didn't get the chance to stay for the whole New York Film Festival so I could see this film. Nevertheless, that's what FICCO is for and I went to the movie theater by myself, sat down and enjoyed the show.

The plot is based on the Jules-Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly novel which Brelliat adapted brilliantly. Asia Argento plays Vellini, a Spanish moor mistress who is prey and predator with one of her conquests; Ryno de Marigny, a young good looking civilian with whom she carries a long lasting affair that will soon come to an end cause of Marigny's marriage with an aristocrat. The story is told by Marigny, when he is forced to confess about this intense relationship to his soon to be aunt-in-law. These flashbacks show how Vellini and D' Marigny met, the hate, the love, the sex and lust, the good times and the bad times and death... Which leads me to think that obviously, this guy won't be able to cut the links that he has with this woman... and that he won't be able to resist the best sex he's ever had even though he likes the ways of his prudish wife.

I love the way the old aunts reflect upon women's role in society during those times and how it hasn't changed much after all these years. How men can still cheat and it's ok... but what I enjoyed the most was Asia's performance. She's great for these sexual temptress, intense, gullible, free spirit, three dimensional roles. She looks great even when she's crying inconsolably.

The costume design is excellent as well. All the outfits that Asia was wearing were ad-hoc with her character and also herself. And what can I say about the kid who plays De Marigny... I would go crazy like Vellini for a guy like that. He's so good looking that he probably doesn't catch that many would be scary to date someone so hot.


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