Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good Movies/Bad Movies

Last weekend I was in bed. I felt like shit. I had strep throat. The only good thing was that it forced me to have a lot of time to read and watch movies. So I grabbed the batch that I collected from the screeners when I used to work at the Film Society.

The bad ones:
Finn's Girl (a bad lesbian film)
The Bothersome Man (Terry Gilliam rip-off gone wrong)
Flakes (film about a Cereal Bar in New Orleans with Zoey Deschannel)
Hotel Harabati (french rip-off of a Lynch film)
Jack Smith's Atlantis (documentary about an outsider gay artist with a very freaky voice)

The good ones:
Thicker Than Water - Árni Ásgeirsson 2006(excellent photography, acting and screenplay)
Alice's House - Chico Texeira, 2006 (great acting, good script)
City Walls: My Own Private Teheran - Afsar Sonia Shafie, 2006(a great documentary to watch after Marjan Satrapi's Persepolis).
Bombón el Perro - Carlos Sorin, 2004 (simple, cute story, excellent actors, happy ending)
Dinner with Murakami - Yan Ting Yuen, 2007 (beautiful documentary about the Japanese best selling author Haruki Murakami)
The Favor - Eva Aridjis (yes, Homero Aridjis daughter... but she's a good director and the main actor, this bald guy is great! The story is OK and she uses music from her Interpol friends)


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