Thursday, August 24, 2006

The -shitty- Shins

I never thought I would say (or write) this... But we went to see The Shins last nite at the Mcarren Pool in Greenpoint and they sucked. We first listened to J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr's main guy) and although it was acoustically mellow, I enjoyed it much more than The Shins.

Once more I confirm that quantity does not rule over quality. Their set was long...21 songs (6 of them were new). James Mercer was standoffish, forgetful and irritated. He looked tired and bothered... Marty Crandall was trying to attract the attention while keyboardist made some dorky remarks about us being Pool Kids and us having a "Pool party without mummies".

1. Kissing the Lipless
2. Know your Onion
3. Girl Inform Me
4. Mine's not a High Horse
5. The Celibate Life
6. New song (OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
7. New song (very Beatles, OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
8. New song (too much for assuming, OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
9. New song (OR UNKNOWN SONG TO ME!!!)
10.New song (Phantom flies)
11. Newslang (Mercer forgot the lyrics, tried twice and quit)
12.Saint Simon
13. Turn a square
14. Chutes too narrow (YOUNG PILGRIMS)
15. New song (sounds like The Smiths)
16. Gone for Good
17. Girl on a Wing
18. One by One all day
19. So Says I
They left the stage... And after 5 long minutes they reappeared
20. Newslang
21. Caring is creepy

I modified the entry, cause someone sent a comment... he/she did like the concert, plus corrected me about those new songs.


Blogger Nathan said...

That's a bummer... I would have loved to see J Mascis, Ahhh youth.

12:07 AM  

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