Sunday, July 30, 2006

I've fallen for The Fall... Thanks Charles Atlas!

Last nite, I went to check out one of the programs that SCANNERS: The New York Video Festival was featuring. I didn't expect much but a bunch of Avant-garde videommakers and their trippy projects, but I was quite entertained during The World According to Charles Atlas.

Series: Scanners: The 2006 New York Video Festival [July 26 30 2006]
Country: USA, Runtime: 90

A video artist at work for well over two decades, Atlas continues to explore, nurture, and often vaporize the boundaries of electronic art. In this micro-survey, we are happy to flashback excerpts from his 1986 Hail the New Puritan piece in which Mark E. Smith and The Fall appear onscreen and provide the music for deliriously libidinous choreography by Michael Clark. And then, after an ethereal Antony and the Johnsons interlude, Atlas will perform live on the Walter Reade Theater stage, accompanied by his guitar and laptop partner in crime, Chris Peck. The title of the piece (like the work itself) is priceless: The Intensity Police Are Working My Last Gay Nerve.


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