Sunday, July 30, 2006

The benefits of PS1's Warm up

I was planning to go check this years PS1 Warm Up installation until August 19 (Jeremy Campbell from Tropical Computer Systems will be spinning!) but I ended up going yesterday (Sunday July 29th).

Apart from enjoying the heat wave and the people watching, I was very pleased to see this year's installation. Compared to the one's of the past two years, BEATFUSE! by the New York based OBRA architects, was functional, space savy and aesthetically good looking. These domes made out of wood and white see through fabric were a good idea to filter the menacing sun rays from all this raving cosmopolitan crowd.

But my rave is not only about BEATFUSE! I think that for $10, going to the Warm Up, and checking out all the exhibitions inside PS1 is completely worth it. You can sweat for a while, and then get in and one of the video installations to zone out in the A/C. While doing that, I checked out a very interesting and evocative piece that catched my eye. It's a video installation called Subway Sessions by Drew Heitzler. The video was projecting old 1970's footage of some beach on the Far Rockaways (NY). The texture provided by transferring super 8 footage to video was grainy and beautiful. Songs by bands such as Lightingbolt provided the soundtrack to the surfer sequences... Excellent editing. You see a piece of New York's beach, plus all the specs and hairs that film atracts with time. Those imperfections make the footage real and perfect.


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