Monday, October 22, 2007


Have you noticed that people are wearing darker denim? If their jeans look like new, un-touched denim that is still stiff and probably a construction worker would wear, that type of fabric is called SELVEDGE. They sure look nice, but I don't understand how someone would like to wear stiff, uncomfortable jeans (ejem... Simon and his stiff APC's). According to the UNIQLO paper " Way back when, denim was a big hit among the working class. Every farmer and every construction worker in America would buy a pair of jeans and wear it as they worked themselves to the bone under a scorching sun. Weather it was a 16-hour shift in the coal mines or hammering away at a new railroad, it was tiem spent in a pair of jeans." So, its funny to know that before, they were common men clothes and didn't cost half of your monthly rent...



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