Monday, October 22, 2007


In my catholic school days, when mum was ordering my uniform she would say that word. TARTAN... sounds like Tartar sauce, or something to do with tar... but until very recently I've gotten acquainted with the word. Living in New York (and riding the L train) made me want to wear a "lumberjack pattern" shirt. Many skinny-pants-fixed-gear-bike-organic-eating -hipsters and their likes have proven that the uniform is back! We are talking about the typical grungy Kurt Cobain shirt that made your next door neighbor a hottie... According to the UNIQLO paper "Tartan is a pattern composed of a series of different colored threads woven horizontally and vertically into one another. Originally, it was worn to indicate a person's rank. But in 1815, every single family in Scotland could have a tartan of its own."


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