Sunday, September 23, 2007

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead - Sidney Lumet

I never thought I would like observing Philip Seymour Hoffman huffing, puffing and moaning while riding Marissa Tomei from behind. Yeah... very graphic right? Bad mental picture huh? Well, this is how this film starts. Sidney Lumet picked a script based on a real life story (fessing on the press screening that he didn't even know if Kelly Masterson, the screenwriter was a he or a she) about a couple of brothers who rob their parent's jewelry. Andy (Seymour Hoffman), the wannabe rich older brother who's always felt left out by his family, suggest Hank (Ethan Hawke)the young-broke-divorced-brother to rob their parents jewelry store on the suburbs and guess what? Murphy's Law comes in. Everything goes wrong, there's some deaths (yes, more than one), some intense quarreling and over all some excellent directing/acting.

Don't miss it, but don't go see it if you are depressed, or in a fight with your family.


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