Thursday, September 27, 2007

Darjeeling Limited - Wes Anderson

Let's talk about brothers, bothers and baggage. Have you been on a trip with your brothers lately? Has it been to a remote and "exotic" place? Have you been enlightened by that experience? It's been a long time since I've taken a trip with my brothers (yes, all male, the three of em') and I don't miss it but this is the second time I travel to an amazing place through Wes Anderson's films.

An original and impeccable quirky-exotic production design is the first thing I detect. Expecting to see just one film, the titles in the beginning denote that thefirst part of this movie is a short called "Hotel Chevalier". Hmmm... aight... you can watch it at itunes or when you buy the DVD but all I can say is that Natalie Portman looks incredibly hot -even the bruises adorn her skin- and... that's it.

The second part of the film, or the film itself starts with Bill Murray riding a cab, in an anarchic street of Deli? which takes him to a train station where he loses his train while the three main characters (Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody and Jason Schwartzman) enter the shot running and jump on it (and guess what? its called The Darjeeling Limited). After that, we hang out with these siblings who have not been together for more than a year (after their dad's funeral) and who fight, lie to each other and smoke , drink and take narcotics incessantly in the search of enlightenment, their mother and their lost friendship???

So anyway, as in all Anderson's flicks, the father and mother are a) dead b)irresponsible c) basket cases d) all of the above. Also, the costume design is great, not to mention the lovely luggage design by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with Wes brother's drawings of cowboys and indians... and last but not least... the soundtrack is a must.

After you watch the film, which brother do you identify the most?

P.S. that one dude who looks out of place is Roman Coppola.


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