Sunday, September 23, 2007

La Fillé Coupé in Deux - Claude Chabrol

It's difficult not like Claude Chabrol's films (unless you are conservative). They're funny, sexy, humane, and he usually casts very beautiful people (then again, its a French flick). This dramedy, or black comedy seems like a girl flick in the beginning; young blond bombshell (Ludivine Sagnier) is torn between and old sexy successful (but married) writer (Francois Berleand) and a young looney heir (Benoit Magimel). Ludivine is great, she suffers with grace and looks a lot like "La Denueve" mixed with Grace Kelly. There's plenty of comic situations, especially when Magimel (the heir) appears. he actually reminds me of my brother's best friend. I didn't think Magimel could also be a spoiled brat... he's so good in The Piano Teacher!! There's no trick to this one, go watch it when you can. It has a story that happens all the time... many will feel identified (or at least i know some who will). Didn't like the ending... it didn't match with the rest of the film.


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