Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Richard Prince

I hate JFK flights that depart at 6:30AM. Either you go to bed quite early the night before, or you stay awake... So, I stayed awake, but not long enough to remember I had a flight and I lost it. Thanks to that, I could scratch the Richard Prince Exhibit at the Guggenheim off my "Things to do while in NY list".

It's a MUST and my recommendations are:

1. Do not read the brochure. It's all on the walls, the paintings and its self explicit
2. If you don't like American humor, don't understand it or are just not into it, ignore 50% of the exhibit.
3. Don't expect the Brooke Shields photograph to be gigantic or in a huge space, it's placed in a very adequate place (next to the bathroom in a dark hall).
4. If you like the nurse paintings high five! Those were my favorites.


Blogger Carlos Reyes said...

Hey what's up! you have an amazing blog! I truly like it... I remember visiting months ago looking for a Malos Habitos review...

I'll be visiting a lot!


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