Thursday, July 06, 2006

Music Recommendations by Joshua Gabriel

Evangelicals “So Gone”

Oklahoma’s Evangelicals’ debut “So Gone” seamlessly blends a colourful array of wayward musics into an evocative tapestry of pop, psychedelia and prog. Brandishing a miasma of high-energy synth/keyboard explosions, raw nerve guitar distortion and singer Josh Jones’ steady falsetto the trio’s opening salvo “A Mouthful Of Skeletons” perfectly sets the ensuing tone: schizophrenic melodic pop characterized by off center acid-drenched imagery. Mind you such imagery isn’t necessarily distilled through LSD consumption as much as a legitimate enthusiasm for alchemical studio experimentation. Tracks such as “Hello Jenn, I’m A Mess” and “Another Day (And Yoor Still Knocked Out)” address the pop balance guided by subtle Zombies-esque baroque hooks and deliriously caustic guitar leads; A highly impressive first impression.

Hot Chip “The Warning”

The superlative follow up to 2004’s notably confident debut, “Coming On Strong,” finds Hot Chip maintaining their trademark lyrical playfulness while breaking new ground fusing both melody and pop to the sensual austerity of house and new wave. “The Warning” stands thusly: a stylish call-to-arms requiem for a generation informed of laptops, I-pods and casual seaside weekends sporting khakis and linen dinner jackets. “Colours” and “(Just Like We) Breakdown” perpetuate the certainty by way of lean, undulating rhythms, neither dominating nor subliminal instead leaving the arrangements spacious and versatile, creating both perfect atmosphere and decadently smooth pop. Conversely, “Careful” and “Tchaparian” quirk and jump like the best disjointed electronic acts, simultaneously recalling Basement Jaxx and Aphex Twin.



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