Monday, June 19, 2006

Italian Sunday

For those of us who love Italian Cinema and watching beautiful people...

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) is still showing Michaelangelo Antonioni's films. It's always a pleasure to see them on the big screen, you get a whole different feel. Last week I watched Blow Up and this past saturday I watched La Notte (Marcello Mastroiani, Monica Vitti and Jeane Moreau).

I had not seen La Notte before, but it was an excellent treat. I immediately recognized those long takes on hypnotic desolate landscapes, or those slightly tilted semi bird's eye shots of the characters. I appreciated the smart and concise dialogue and I adored the love letter in the last sequence.

It is crazy how many can act and pretend but then believe their act and become.
Antonioni admires youth and beauty, but also looks up to experience and maturity.

Afterwards I walked down Atlantic Avenue towards Court Street. I was in the mood for Italian Food and for the first time tried Frankie's 457. We ordered a watercress, apple and blue cheese salad as an appetizer. It took them almost 30 minutes to bring it. Afterwards, we had Ricotta Cheese Gnocci in Marinara Sauce and Buttermilk Squash filled Ravioli. I did like the ravioli, but the gnocci needed a little bit more pep... Ohh and dessert was Ricotta Cheese Cake, which was light, but not the greatest.

Frankies 457


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