Monday, June 19, 2006

Renegade Saturday

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the 2nd annual renegade craft fair
at the McCarren Park in Williamsburg
. I think the name of the fair does not fit the description at all. Most of the stuff was DIY cutesey, cheesy and not original. Nevertheless, I did find two booths that I liked:
Timber (I bought a brown wooden pin with a carved white face of a dog)
and Moonblood had cool silk printing designs on T-shirts and totes...
the rest was ^&%^$.

Afterwards, we went to the River to River festival... to listen to this awsome band:
Saturday Looks Good to Me
Quite a show, especially when some hip-hopper dude climbed the stage stairs and started talking to the lead singer while he was still playing and singing a song. Security (or some fat dudes in green t-shirts) struggled to kick him out, until a very gutsy girl made him leave.

After the song was over, the lead singer said "My man here wanted to listen to some reggae, but we don't have reggeae songs." Nevertheless in the end of the show, he started playing some reggae tune... many cracked up.


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