Sunday, June 18, 2006

Viernes Mexicano

This past Friday June 16, my friends and I decided to make it a Mexican day. We got together at 3:00PM to watch the soccer match in the delicious Mexican Restaurant DOS CAMINOS (Houston and West Broadway). The game was a tad disappointing (0-0) but the guacamole and the Margaritas were delicious.

Afterwards, we all went to see Jack Black's new film Nacho Libre. We all were skeptic about it being good because lately almost all the rated PG films have sucked and this was rated PG. Plus it's from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite... (Jared Hess) and not everyone liked it. Nevertheless, we all were laughing at the top of our lungs -we were not the only ones because the whole theatre was doing the same-. Bottom line, Nacho Libre is the same Jack Black act but with a Mexican backdrop. BTW Ana de la Reguera looks beautiful and perfect.

Deeper into analysis expect to see:
Double Morals (priest insinuating to beautiful and young nun)
Machism ("If you come in my room, people are going to think that you are a floozy")
Explotation of Children (the naivitee of cute fat kid "Chencho", tears of skinny boy)
Sexually ambiguous sidekick (Esqueleto and his femenine mannerisms, his lack of interest in the opposite sex)

Overall, excellent portrayal of Lucha Libre's multiple characters. I loved the fact that they included two Ewok-like wrestlers, it was the perfect homage for Alushe.


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