Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I know it's not a new exhibition anymore, I waited too long to write about this that now "it's so 2 weeks ago". Still, I went as soon as it opened... I walked in a world of fetishisticly elegant mannequins. Every room was fully decorated and it followed themes. My favourites: the bird woman and the S&M bed (S/FX included). Go visit -very sober- before they close.

AngloMania focuses on British fashion from 1976 to 2006, a period of astounding creativity and experimentation. Over the past 30 years, British fashion has been defined by a knowing and self-conscious historicism. In their search for novelty, designers have looked to past styles with an appetite that is as audacious as it is rapacious. Focusing on their postmodern, historicizing tendencies, this exhibition presents a series of tableaux based on Britain’s rich artistic traditions. The irony of satirical prints, the romance of landscape paintings, and the glamour and bravado of grand manner portraits are evoked through a wide spectrum of British designers. The exhibition is set in the Metropolitan Museum’s English period rooms—the Annie Laurie Aitken Galleries—to create a potent dialogue between the past and the present.

The exhibition and its accompanying book are made possible by Burberry.

Additional support has been provided by Condé Nast.


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