Thursday, June 22, 2006

Antonioni and Jacquot

On Friday The Film Society opened it's Benoit Jacquot series and I watched Seventh Heaven. I enjoyed it and felt empowered. I loved the fact that the main character (a woman) was liberated and felt an orgasm after some hypnosis therapy that a mysterious doctor provided after he saved her from a shoplifting spree.

After work, I went to BAM to see The Zabriskie Point in the continuing Antonioni series. Not what I was expecting and certainly not his best (in my most humble opinion). Still, I appreciated the music (by Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones and Patti Page), the ridiculously good looking youngsters, the smart alec moments (when a cop didn't know how to spell Karl Marx, and typed Carl), the Sunnydunes commercial with those mannequins, the way the film is shot and how it showcases architecture, design and fashion, the contrast of desert and Americana Billboards and the final explosion.

Of course he wanted to mock American society of those times. It was too bad that MGM had to censor his real ending sequence; an airplane flying with a banner that read "Fuck you America". That would have made more sense to me.

To shake that off, I will go watch Red Desert tonight!


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