Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paranoid Park by Gus Van Sant

I can't help it. I'm biased. I've always liked the films this controversial director makes. I think the only one I don't relate to that much is the one with the student and the teacher and all that sentimental crap. The thing is, every time I watch a Van Sant, I get depressed cause of the darkness that he portrays and cause I wish I could write/direct like that or at least participate in a project like that. The photography as always, is beautiful. Those glares, and the slow and subtle camera moves. I wish that camera could shoot me so I can look pretty... even Macy's pimples around her mouth make her look real and authentic but charming. On the other hand, I love how Van Sant casts his films. The recent ones have excelled and the kid he chose to play Alex, the main character, has this cherub, Mona Lisa face that shows his youthful innocence.

This film is about a skater boy who's somehow involved in a very bloody and mysterious death and how he deals with it at the same time he deals with growing up (his parents divorce, his airhead pushy girlfriend and peer pressure).

Music choices are great as well, although they sort of reminded me of Thumbsucker (Mike Mills) with those Elliot Smith songs (and the slow motion skateboarders doing al Ollie Hop).


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