Monday, July 17, 2006

"The Al Gore Movie"

I was not planning to see this film, but a couple of people convinced me. Jay, my vegetarian-activist-law-student-roommate started talking about An Inconvenient Truth on a very hot summer night. We were discussing the crazy temperatures that have taken over the world due to Global Warming. As many people, I got used the term but -shamefully- didn't know much about that.

Hence, to combat the 100F heat that embraces New York, I got in the 7:20PM screening of "The Al Gore Movie" at BAM. I prefer watching fiction over documentaries... but sometimes there's stuff I have to watch (conversation, actuality, film geek stuff) and this was the case. This film is a long slide show about Global Warming, accompanied by small vignettes about Al Gore's life (when he ran for presidency and lost, when his kid got hit by a car, when his sister died and many other stuff that frankly, added emotion). There were times that the film got kind of slow, but in the end it all paid off...

So now, I will restart my recycling habits in the house, and set the ac two degrees higher than what I'm used to...



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