Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chuck and Larry - Dennis Dugan

This how I start my x-mas vacation. I left three recently acquired friends in my apartment (two Americans and one Italian) and took the cab to the airport after sleeping less than four hours cause I was tied up working on some film proposals.

Traffic had me worried that I was not gonna be able to make it on time to catch the 3:30 Delta flight, but in exactly 30 minutes I set foot on terminal 2 of the Benito Juarez airport for the first time. Pretty nice! Step two was the long line to get to the counter... it probably took an hour and I was starving plus my feet were hurting (I was wearing stiletto heels, duh!). After that wait, I got a dry and decrepit chicken and bacon salad at some store. Yuck! I had to compensate with a Twix.

Finally jumped on the plane and discovered that I was in one of the cool ones with individual screens... lots of films to watch... well, not really. Half of them, I had seen and the other half were x-mas flicks. My first choice was The Andy Samberg movie. I wanted to check it out but after 10 minutes I was done with it. hmm I guess I'm getting old and the Adam Sandler movie make me laugh much more.

My second choice was Chuck and Larry. It made me laugh, it had cool cameos, a gay tap dancing kid, and it even made me think of Adam Sandler is not bad looking... that's weird. Nevermind. The other thing that I liked was that it was shot in NY and I could recognize some of my fave stores on Cobble Hill/Carol Gardens. For instance, Rapisarda (on Court st) where Dave Mathews (yeah from the band) was a gay retail associate who hits on Sandler. Go figure... he looked pretty gay to me. Actually in the beggining I thought he was Jeremy Piven. aight... the only question I had was; why did Chuck and Larry go get married in Canada and not in Jersey? its nearer...


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