Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eric Huebsch

If you have some extra cash and you wish to invest it in something beautiful, peculiar, and everlasting (no, not on a potential girlfriend/boyfriend) take a look at Eric Huebsch works. This kid is all about mental and physical scatology... his drawings are way past irreverence. Some are truly uncanny and I can't take my eyes off them, therefore I'm gonna get a couple for my new house in Mexico City.

About Eric Huebsch
I met Eric Huebsch a year ago. My friend Dan was also visiting and we went to an Armory Show party where he was going to meet with Eric. He was funny, sarcastic and vegan. Apart from that,he has shown his work with Rocket-Projects, Miami, New Image Art, Los Angeles and Chicago, and others. He has also designed projects for Jack Spade and Beck. Eric lives and works in Los Angeles.



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