Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I love/hate New York

On my pursuit to be constant with my writing -on this blogspot- Here I go again...

It's not that I don't have the time, or the inspiration. I must admit that when it comes to discipline, I have strange ways. Still, I get the job done -even if it is last minute-.

I left off on the trip to Chicago. Escaping from the rain, Brett and I got to LaGuardia on time. So on time, that the fast-talking clerk at United decided to send us an hour early. Arrived at O'Hare and Sheila and Jim -Brett's parents- were waiting for us. They were 3 days away from their daughter's wedding and showed no signs of stress. Amazing! We glided thru the clean suburbian streets of Chicago and had dinner at a place called Flight -wonderful australian flights of shiraz- combined with an assortment of fancy cheese and the best french fries in America. After that, we went to Brett's home in Wilmette.

The next day, we woke up early and Brett went to get a haircut where he used to cut his hair when he was in grade school. I could tell because he came back looking like a brittish school boy. At first he did not like it but he got used to it fast. We picked up his tux, checked in at the downtown Marriott and it was bachelor/bachelorette party! I had never a attended an american bachelorette party before. I thought we were going to a chip n'dale joint but to my surprise we (ladies) went to have dinner at a very fun Italian Restaurant called Buca Di Pepo. All of us were wearing our lai's and we had to drink from a plastic penis shaped straw. After dinner, we walked to a very famous cross dressing place called The Baton. It was two hours of pure fun. I enjoyed Chilli Pepper's performance. She reminded me of my aunt Graciela. To top it all off we finished in a dessert bar called Sugar. The menu displayed the most fabulous desserts, but I never got to try any cause I ordered and the waiter forgot about me. It had been a long time since I hung out with girls. In New York I mainly go out with Brett and his friends. Ocassionaly I meet up with Susy (my friend from Chihuaha), Tavo (my brother's best friend) or Zoe and Silvia (when they are around). Almost all of Laurel's girlfriends are either married or engaged so, the conversations were about rings, honeymoon destinations, clothes, etc...

Will I ever be prepared for all that girliness?

And just when I thought the night was over, we -the girls- met up with the boys at a bar called Rockit. It reminded me of a bar in Monterrey called Nirvana. Same type of music, same type of people. Brett was tipsy and happy because Richard, his best friend from childhood came over. I enjoyed meeting him.

On Friday, July 8th was my b-day. We woke up late and went to have lunch at a very cool sushi restaurant and then Brett took me shopping on Michigan Av (the equivalent of 5th av in NY). We walked around and then got ready to go to the BBQ at his parents place in Wilmette. There were 100 people more less in the backyard. All sorts of appetizers, drinks and grilled chicken, hamburguers and sausagges.Yum! In the middle of the soiree, I start hearing "Happy b-day to you..happy b-day to you..." I had forgotten it was my b-day, but in a matter of seconds I realized that was for me. Sheila, -Brett's mom- was holding a small chocolate cake with a candle. The rest of the people were singing. I felt overwhelmed and thankful. The cake was sinfully tasty and I was very happy. Richard took us back to the hotel and the next day we were ready for the wedding. We walked around State Str. -Chicago's equivalent for Soho?- for a while and had brunch at a french place called Bistro Zinc . I ordered Quiche and Brett ordered French Toast! We traded dishes a couple of times and I must admit both were delightful and totally french. Later on we got ready and a limo picked us up. The ceremony and the party took place in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The wedding planner and Brett's parents did and excellent and creative job. I got to meet many family members, we danced a lot,drank some more and had "bailytinis". There was an ice sculpture of Laurel's dog -Bailey- and the waiter would pour the martini mix in Bailey's mouth and it would come out from you know where!!! As the night progressed, Brett and I walked around the gallery and enjoyed Dan Flavin's light exhibit. We went back to the hotel and Richard came over. We drank more wine and watched TV till 5AM.

Back in New York, it was hot, humid and stinky but there were nice surprises awaiting for me on monday. I got to work on Monday and my co-workers sang happy b-day and had cake. Some even shared their short films and promised to show me new things for me to learn.

On Tuesday I went to see "You, Me and Everyone we know" I really enjoyed it apart from its awkwardness. I still value Miranda July's courage to make herself look like a fool, she is humble. Or at least that what she portrays all the way. I had read so many reviews and so many articles on how she never gave up on the project and went to the Sundance labs twice. It is a tough road, and I cannot imagine how it is going to be for me because I am no performance artist. I don't play any instruments and I am not famous (maybe in the hospitality club! hahaha).Good for her! I loved the art piece she showed at the museum, all those intense emotions.

))> < (( FOREVER!!! back and forth...

Talking about hospitality... I have to admit that I have been too hospitable this past months. So hospitable that my roomates had to talk to me about it. On the first week of June I recieved Tavo for two weeks. Marshall -my roomate- was happy about it cause he had a house partner while Colin -my other roomate- was working for Queer Eye. They used to go running to the park -Prospect Park-, have breakfast together and chill. After Tavo, came Pedro Araneda and his 11 year old son. I was not planning on having a stranger come over, but since he was the only one who was interested in my workshops for the summer and offered to pay my flight to Mexico City, I said the magic words "Mi casa es tu casa" and he didn't think twice. Pedro left and my brother came to visit. He just stayed 5 days. I was around the whole time and that was not such a big deal. Then Gaby Marquez and her friends Erika and Yleana came for 5 days. Colin was not around, but Marshall was and he felt kind of unconfortable at first. Then they would hold conversations about how Marshall has been to Michoacan where he climbed a mango tree with his ex-girlfriend -very romantic-. Just when I was tired of having guests, even though they all brought supplies from Mexico and invited me out for dinner, drinks, parties, etc... I had offered to host some girl straight out from a webpage called hospitality club. Her name is Norah. She came from Austria and was 19. Her plan was to visit friends in Canada and then come to New York. She did, and stayed at my place. The only problem was that I was worn out, my roomates were sick of it and the girl didn't know about using her common sense. She came in early on Saturday (9:00AM), she installed herself in the living room and even made herself some space in the bathroom to put all her stuff. All she wanted to do is watch MTV and when she came out with us, she got tired and was complaining that she wanted to leave. We were at this show in Bedford Stuvesant -a sketchy hood- to see Psyquic Ills and she was unapproprietly dressed for the occassion -but not for the hood-. She was wearing tight ass camuflage bermudas and a tight halter top black shirt with some nike velcro strapped sandals. I tried not to let it get to me. Later on, when we took the subway back home, a guy sitting next to her on a bench was also wearing blue camuflage bermudas. I wanted to laugh! The point is that the next day she wanted me to go shopping with her. I don't get it... you have money to shop, but not to pay at least for a hostel? I did not go cause I had to do laundry and clean my room. It was so humid and the air was full of trash stench. I hated New York in that moment. The homeless black woman that is always outside the corner deli on Washington Ave. and St. John's Place was sitting next to the folding table. A white woman came in and gave her some leftover macarroni. She was eating it with her filthy hands -while I was folding my sheets- and sweating my arse off! That very same day I got to work in a commercial. From 6PM to 4AM. I was 1st AD for a friend of Brett. It took place in a fancy apothecary and lab called Malin+Goetz located in Chelsea. I enjoyed working with Gabe and Dana (Gorilla Kingdom) and hopefully will do it again.

APOTHECARY : Who are you hiding from, babygirl?
WOMAN: Do you have something...
APOTHECARY: To keep you off the streets?
WOMAN: What do you recommend?

So I came back from work at 6AM had a nap and when I wake up, Colin talked to me about how they were fed up with the situation. They could not figure out why I had a stranger come over. So I had to kick Norah out. She showed up at 11:30PM that day, and told me she had used Marshall's computer. Trouble, I thought. I had to lecture her about not using other people's stuff or entering other people's rooms and how she had to go cause I didn't want trouble with my roomates. She held her tears till she went to apologize with Marshall. Those tears were the same ones that convinced him that she could stay for the whole week! "It's OK, I don't want to throw her to the streets, I like her, she is alright."

Luckily she is gone now. I hated her yesterday night when she showed up at 1:00AM, I was dead worried about her, plus we were all asleep. Imagine if something had happened to her, I would have gotten in so much trouble. NEVER AGAIN.

Why am I helping someonelse when I need help myself?

But it was not so bad in the end, because from that site, I got to meet an amazing guy. His name is Dave and he is from Ireland. He is housitting a 4 story brownstone in Cobble Hill and he happens to be a writer for children's books. He used to be a musician, sound supervisor for feature films like Jim Sheridan's "In America" and had a band called Le Fleurs or something like that. He also made two very interesting documentaries (one for Sonic Youth and another one for Brian Eno). We met with him at The Chip Shop (Fish and Ships) yesterday night after watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". No comments about that movie. It was an OK film, liked the old one better.

I've been writing since 2:00PM and its 4:39PM. I didn't feel like answering phones, taking food up to the editing rooms, learning about QC, searching for tapes, vaulting tapes or whatever it is...because it's been 3 months since they promised me a raise and it is not happening.

I can't wait to go to Mexico and eat tacos, see my family and my friends and just enjoy the luxury of beeing around my mom, my dad and my loved ones, to have a car to drive around, to have someone prepare delicious meals with a smile, to have someone wash my clothes and iron them all, to talk in spanish, to have air conditioner while a sleep, and to see my grandmother.


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