Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Alright, to many people this isn't a big deal. They wouldn't get overwhelmed or a bit preoccupied...but today was one of those days. I could say it was followed by one of those weekends and maybe by one of those months.

Sometimes (almost always) us humans tend to complicate situations, overanalize feelings, comments, etc... There are just sometimes we (I mean myself, but don't want to be alone in this)love DRAMA.

One of those months... On February I decided to move out of Queens, that loveley spacious apartment that sheltered me during my first seven months in N.Y. There were three reasons for this... 1.wacky landlord 2.terrible train service (I once ended up in Jamaica...QNS)3. irreconciliable differences with roomate. So, I thought I was going to take a month to find another place, but it did not work out. Had to put all my furniture (Bed, Futon, Desk, etc...) at a friend's house. All my clothes went to another friend's house. As to myself... slept in Marcela's couch (without a blanket or even a sheet) four nights, at the Washington Marriot four nights (During the Fulbright seminar) and the rest of the month at Brett's house. Looking for apartments was very difficult, I was on my own now... not much budget... and a bunch of stuff to move. I sold my bed, I gave my futon away and then I found a place in Brooklyn. Mabey the place found me... or the guys that were living there decided to chose me as their housemate. Still, all the month of March was crazy... carrying things here and there...pre producing for my short film... spending lots of cash eating out... bothering people... etc. I couldn't keep up with school, work, etc... It was just too much adapting or unadapting to readapt somewhere else. I almost got fired from DuArt the week before moving and shooting.

POSITIVE SIDE: If it wasn't for Brett, Marcela and Kristian... I would have been in Mexico recovering from a nervous breakdown. If you know me, you know that I tend to stress out a lot. I got a house now!

One of those weeks...

The last week of March and the first of April was an eclectic mix of emotions. On Tuesday I had my midterm presentation for Media Management class, but my hotmail stopped working and I stopped recieving e-mails from the people in my group. I started to freak out because I thought they were upset at me and had decided to give me the silent treatment because I went to DC. But then I found out that hotmail sucked...I got a yahoo account now. On wedensday, Anette my boss got really dissappointed and upset because I got to DuArt an hour later than what I had said, plus I went out to the mayor's office to get my shooting permission and it took 45 minutes. I got really scared... didn't want to lose my work before shooting my short (no discounts on developing!!!) and no extra cash for living expenses). On Friday, Tavo came to New York and helped me out. We picked up c-stands, flags, and sandbags and hailed a taxi cab towards school. There I checked out the camera, the lights and the tripod... lots of stuff. We needed a yellow cab van... the guard in the Parson's building offers to call one. 30 minutes later, a Lincoln Navigator parks in front of the building... What the @#&*^%$? $65 bucks to go to Cobble Hill..when it only costs 15 with tip included??? So I had to say Thanks, but no thanks. Hailed a cab later (it was rush hour). Carried everything in cab, out cab, in Brett's house. But it just happens that on that same day (Friday) I was officially moving in my room in Brooklyn. So after carrying equipment, I carried clothes and bags. Got to my place and unpacked everythung while I listened to Tavo talking about an ex girlfriend that he met in Italy. So there I was carrying this bag and it had a wire sticking out... and that wire perforated my left foot. Went thru my white Allstars and there was blood all over my colored striped sock (as well as the hall, the bathroom zinc and my room). It wouldn't stop bleeding and after that it was hurting like a m...
Didn't go out afterwards... I was shooting on saturday, woke up early nobody showed up on time. It was pouring rain... and then after getting everyone together... we started making the normal noise. Brett's roomate (and Brett) were hungover from last night so they were still asleep when all of a sudden, Adam wakes up to ask us to keep it down. Afterwards, the landlord came up because he was pissed because Kasey (our loveley makeup artist) forgot to close the door of the building. Of course we took longer shooting, and then, Adam came back from eating bagels and completeley freaked out cause we were still there. To top it all off..Tavo wanted to go shopping afterwards... pouring rain... sat afternoon.
Sunday was OK and monday I had to shoot again... It was really cold outside. Brett helped me out again. Sylvia, Adam and Lalo were really sweet as well. I think I got all my shots.

Yesterday night my roomates had a friend over. They were watching the game, drinking a bud and doing some other stuff...I was hungry but too tired to go out of the house and had no cash. So slept with empty stomach. Woke up early in the morning to go to Brett's house to pick up the rest of the stuff and dropped off at school. Walk towards the subway and this black guy is walking towards me. He doesn't move, I don't go out of my way, and he stops in front of me yealling "the fuck... you don't see me with those sunglasses, you bitch!" Ok, day started in a bad way!!! My head was hurting... had breakfast... and Brett and I carried all the stuff to the subway. The F train took forever and he had to be at 11:00AM in school...so there we are walking with this heavy equipment (just to save some bucks)and he leaves. I felt so bad. Then, I go get my workprint (or my film developed) to DuArt and they charge me as a normal client. No discounts... but since I was in a hurry to go back to class to project it to my teacher... I swiped the card with pain. Get to school, start projecting and as the first frame appears I notice a guy in a robe on a table with some red candles doing some satanic ritual... mmm that is not my film. I was about to breakdown in tears. I did breakdown in tears, riding the subway back to DuArt.
I couldn't believe I had payed full price and they gave me the wrong print...They knew it was due today in class. So, I think my dissappointment face was very obvious and my boss was super nice... she and everyone else apologized and then they decided not to charge me at all. YEAHHH.

POSITIVE: I saved 166 bucks, the day is beautiful and spring is coming...

I AM O.K. now...

Had to tell it to someone! Sorry if this was too long.

New York is a tuff one.


Blogger Luis Ricardo said...

Anda, ve por todas las canicas.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Norvic said...

Hola Daniela, komo estas. Soy uno de los philly-fulbrighters.
Lei tu ultima nota: realmente situaciones extremas las ke vives eh!! pero da un gusto enorme el saber ke te das tiempo para todo: estudiar, trabajar, y vivir, lo kual es lo mas importante. Cheers up, little girl!
Peace out - Norvic
PD Podrias actualizar tu cuenta en hotmail, si ya no lo has hecho antes, y obtener una casilla de 250 Mb. La manera es actualizando tu cuenta con una direccion dentro de los US. O, en su defecto una cuenta gmail.
PD2 Ando leyendo Huxley's "Doors of Perception" y me parece recordar ke me kontaste algo referente a tu toma de peyote en el desierto mexicano. Kiza algun dia me anime, de momento solo cervez, he Take care.

1:26 PM  
Blogger cine.foto.tania. said...

chica! LA IS A TOUGH ONE TOO! ya es hora de que nos juntemos y hagamos revolucion filmica en gringolandia!!! jeje..

te mando un abrazo mexicanote y buenas vibras...deseame suerte, hoy tengo shoot toda la noche y el jueves presento mi examen final de cinefoto...

tania villarreal

4:07 PM  
Blogger Luis Ricardo said...

Bueno, bueno, Puebla is also a very tough one. A ver, traten de levantar un proyecto sin laboratorios ni tiendas de kodak.

9:03 AM  

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