Saturday, September 25, 2004

Napoleon is DA BOMB (Film review)

It's a bit late to say this, but first time director Jared Hess deserves a loud round of applause (and why not, a standing ovation).

Him and Napoleon have won my sympathy. I am a big fan. All the characters are beautifully portrayed. Actor Jon Header must be recieving great offers by now. He looks so hot when he does this sexy dance, haha (reminds me the Fonz).Every character in the movie experiences inner growth and discovers something new about life's complexities. Napoleon's geeky brother, Kip goes thru an on-line love relationship that enriches his life in radical ways. Uncle Rico (Jon Gries), Napoleon's football traumatized uncle, tries to be productive but finds out that he is not good at it and goes back to his trailer home (not to mention the surreal situation when this cute peasant like girls comes out of nowhere and automatically falls in love with him). Pedro, the new mexican american student that stands out because of his pubecent mustache, discovers that dreams can come true without the need of loosings one's cultural identity. Deb (Tina Majorino), Napoleon's next door neighbor and incomprehended creative lonley girl, finds true friendship in Napoleon and Pedro (Efren Ramirez) as well as a way to help them thru her crafts. But the most important message in this film is that you have to proud to be yourself. This is the story of uncool people that don't have an idea that they are (paradoxically makes them cool). This characters felt very real because, the actors are not well known and this helped me concentrate in the story.

It is interesting to observe that all the credits are shown on highschool cafeteria meals or typical american food, such as tatter tots, mashed sandwiches, corn dogs, or even steaks (uncle Rico's fave meal). Every meal represents a character or a situation from the movie. No sophistication whatsoever, no digital effects, just simple shots, almost like still shots. This movie is a "back to basics" feature because a still long shots predominate almost every scene. Characters run in and out but there are no camera movements.

Napoleon Dynamite is THE BOMB!


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