Friday, September 17, 2004


Its 10:57 in the morning and I am amazed that I am awake after arriving at 4 AM. It was not intentional, but yesterday I went to have dinner in Manhattan, and then I stayed for a while at a friends house, but didn't realize it was past 11PM. The subway system at night sucks! Its awful because you have to guess wich other line goes to your stop (that is if you are not living in Manhattan)T this time I was on my own (Zoe usually accompanies me) and since I was very tired I helplessly fell asleep with the not so tender come and go of the subway train. It just so happens that I didn't realize that the stop I had to go down to transfer had passed. There I was, 1:30 AM, line F, four japanese hip youngsters, one mexican american, a bum and six african american... I got to Jamaica by train! How did that happen...

I decided to hold on tight to my bag and sleep some more until one skateboarding rastafari kindly woke me up to announce that it was the last stop and that I had to get down. After that, I took the same train to return to the transfer station, and there I met a scottish girl. 23 years of age, chubby (or well covered) rosie cheeks and a big smile. I asked her "So, what are you doing in the city" and she answered (with a joyful face because she was talikng to someone at that unfriendly hour) "I am visiting,... on vacation." so I replied with curiousity "but what are you doing in queens? " and laughingly she said "I met this guy in the subway and he invited me to have dinner.."

She was lucky that a complete stranger did not pull a wierd trick on her or tried to harm her. So was I. I got home safe, but as I was opening the door (my mom, that is visiting) started scolding me as if I was a teenager.

what a night..

Jamaica, the subway and me... No woman no cry!


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