Friday, January 16, 2009

Objectified - A documentary by Gary Hustwit

It is true that many of us never stop and reflect about the design of objects we use in our everyday life. After you check out this film, I'm pretty sure you will not need to be an industrial designer, a design snob or even have a notion about design because Mr. Hustwit's films are so straight forward and so visually attractive, that you will become obsessed (yeah, tupperwares are a masterpiece!).

Plus through this film I realized that a very important design firm in Monterrey, Mexico called menosunocerouno, was named after plusminuszero (created by Naoto Fukasawa).

Nevertheless check out the trailer of Objectified await for the screening in your nearest movie theatre!


Blogger Jorge Pedro said...

interesante blog. no sabía que en monterrey ya habían abierto un american apparel. me encanta monterrey. saludos.

5:50 PM  

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