Thursday, November 16, 2006


After the CMJ's Sheryl left half of the junk that came in this year's promo tote. Among the stuff was a BUST magazine. I remember hearing the name of the publication once when I started graduate school (2 years and a half ago) but never picked one up till that day. I'm not sure about their motto (something that has to do with women taking stuff off their chests) but I did like one of Novemember's fashion spreads. It was titled Tommy Girls and I loved the fact that the models weren't (and they looked amazingly hip). I was heartstruck by one picture in particular. I even bought the Yoko Ono t-shirt and contacted the photographer Hilary Walsh to buy a print of that photograph.
This will be my first investment on art. Cause she is quite an artist. Check her out at


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