Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bumble and Bumble Disaster = Louise Brooks Halloween Costume

In an attempt to save a few bucks I did the Bumble and Bumble hair model project...

My appointment was yesterday at 5:15PM. It had been the third or fourth time that i've modeled for their classes. Unlike the other times, this last time, I had a very unsatisfactory experience. I know that it's a free haircut and all, but I felt really upset when I left.

The cut they were practicing was the "Graduated Bob". The instructor was a skinny short guy (dressed a la Vikor and Rolf) with a Hitler mustache and tattoos all over his neck. The student was a fat rosy cheeked blond woman from Fairfax, VA. So, there I am sitting for and hour and half, my head is itching cause of all the product they were spraying on my hair for the "sections" to hold, and by two hours the cut was not nearly done. I asked the instructor if they were gonna take longer (everybody else was done with their models)... he replied defensiveley asking my arrival time. "I was one of the first ones to get here", I replied and then he said "We still have 20min" and proceeded to chop my hair (only the right side). Aftewards, he sort of cut some bangs (very unevenly and nasty) and then the lady was pretending to thin it out... but she worsened the cut so the instructor tried to (or pretended to) fix it and that was it.

I left with: hair stiff and my scalp burning...
2.a bob that looks longer and fuller on the left than on the right
3.scary uneven bangs...

I had to miss work and get it fixed... paid $90... just for that trim, but now I look like Louise Brooks and everyone loves it.


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