Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Syndromes and a Century

Even though the New York Film Festival is about to end, films get better every day. The first film that really caught my attention, was Syndromes and a Century by Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

These are the notes that I took in the dark while watching this fresh and beautiful film.

Same story, two settings. Old and modern. Rural and Urban. Gemoetrically framed shots. Same characters, same dialogues. Gimmick. I love the soundtrack (dentist/balladist who sings about white teeth during procedure and in a red cross party).Aspirations, buddhist monk wanted tobe a DJ. lost loved ones, lost limbs.automatization, sound of electricity, sounds of machinery operating like a hypnotic orchestra. pastel colors mixed with beautiful green surroundings. all matte. sharp contrast with characters clothes. smooth camera pans that help you contemplate like a Japanese movie. clean stark shots. the rpute to wellness. old world mixed with new world. beauty in every shot. the new monuments of the city. modernization. collectiveness. unranium - cholesterol, tai chi- aerobics in the park. prosthetics- carbon monoxide poisoning. strange dolly back and around in the prosthetics room. ode to Antonioni (still frames of factories and the cool place girlfriend wants to move to).


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