Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Qué le pasó a Diego? What happened to Diego?

Muchos Mexicanos se enorgullecerán al saber que Diego Luna es el único Mexicano en la campaña My Life/My Card de American Express. No sé como escojan al talento que promociona esta afamada tarjeta. Desde Scorcesse y De Niro hasta Ellen DeGeneres y Andy Roddick.

El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta... y Diego agarró hueso, pero sale pierniabierto con un pie en el aire y una cara de que no ha dormido en meses... (por no decir que quizá usa la tarjeta con otros propósitos ajenos a los de comprar o pagar servicios).


Many Mexicans will be proud to know that Diego Luna is the only Mexican that American Express features in their campaing My Life/ My Card. I don't know how they choose their talents. From Scorcesse to De Niro and even Ellen DeGeneres and Andy Roddick.

Diego got this gig, but he is posing with his legs wide open and his foot in floating in the air and a face that shows he hasn't slept in months (not to mention the he might be using the card for other purposes that don;t have to do with purchasing stuff).


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