Monday, September 11, 2006

Skinny Slim and Phoenix

After a hard days work...
I had the honor of sharing a Phoenix show with my co-worker "Skinny Slim", one of the creators of the succesful music site Badminton Stamps.

For those of you who will go see this hip Parisian band somewhere in the states or in Mexico City tomorrow, here's the play list so you can prepare in advance and sing and dance to all their songs. They sounded great (really tight), they were in good spirits and looked very stylish. Sadly, there were no signs of Sofia Coppola (Thomas Mars's girlfriend and future mother of his child) in the VIP area.

1. Napoleon Says
2. Run Run
3. Long Distance Call
4. Consolation Prizes
5. Rally
6. Lost & Found
7. Courtesy Laughs
8. I'm an Actor
9. Everything is Everything
10. If I ever feel better
11. Funky Square Dance
12. North
13. Something in the Fall
14. Too young
15. Second to Home (Thomas Mars, -who moves and dances like Jarvis Cocker from Pulp- steped down stage to sing and dance with the audience).


Anonymous SkinnySlim said...

You are the first person to ever refer to me as "succesful". Thanks!

1:54 PM  

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