Monday, March 06, 2006

Cold Stroke

Always at the last minute. Daniela and I decided to go see The Strokes. It was 27 farenheit. The scalpers had no mercy... the event was starting and even though we didn't care about the opening act, we wanted to go in the venue. My hand was shaking while holding the paper coffee cup that Daniela bought for me. We couldn't stay out anymore, hence we paid $70 per ticket.

Very worthwhile! Irving Plaza is a great place for shows. The sound was perfect. I love to listen to them live. We were sitting next to the left hand side balcony where the entourage was (including Ms. Barrymore). This show is dedicated to Liza...I bought a calling card and while they were playing, I called her (Monterrey), she was excited but at the same time upset that she can't make it to N.Y.


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