Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Barra Libre @ The Delancey

They have gotten way better!

Growing up in Mexico or somewhere in Latin America, attending an american school populated by mostly spoiled rich kids, other interesting internationals, and your friends as global misfits and outcasts thrown in the mix of this one surreal setting where political leaders to be (by pedigree), sons of corporate heads, diplomats and of world-class drug lords all sit in the same classroom, and we can only make sense of it with the fury of rock n roll, industrial music, new wave, twisted poetry and parties, raves, and sounds from the velvet underground to the local mariachi band, where jimmy hendrix, joe strummer, leonard cohen and the likes would try to make sense between this unfair third world-ish but immensely human and warm Latin setting and our much colder northern ruling neighbors and friends, where we make our journey towards. Drive on the fast lane and crank up the music!


Blogger ranarex said...

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Blogger ranarex said...

hey gracias Da, es muy grato ver que se nos hace promocion por medios ajenos a nosotros. Te mando un abrazo y nos vemos hoy en la tocada.

no olvides checar mi blog cada que tengas champĂș.


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