Friday, February 03, 2006

Overload (Jan 27 - Feb 3)

My new year is really kicking in...

Number of Classes: 4 (Death and the Media, Different Directions in Documentary, Video Production, Identity and Difference in Film Narratives)

Semester: 4 (MA: Media Studies and Film @ New School)

Graduation Date: May 19th, 2006

Internships: 2 (HDNet Films, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Books I'm reading:
White Noise - Don DeLillo
Down and Dirty with Movies - Peter Biskind
The Denial of Death - Ernest Becker

Movies I've seen:
Sunrise - F.W. Murnau
Cat People - Jacques Torneur
Happy Endings - Don Roos
Thumbsucker - Mike Mills

Famous people I've met, encountered or seen 4ft away from me:
1. Wed Feb 1st, I met Mark Tusk, former teamster of Miramax acquisition's team. He works at HDNet now.

2. Thurs Feb 2nd, I saw Harvey Weinstein standing outside The Mandarin Hotel...I almost approached him to ask him for a (paid)position (for my practical training year).

Parties, Gigs, Travel...
1.WOMAN @ Lit (Jan 26, 9:30PM)
They looked great, sounded great and...I have proof.

2. Miami, FL (Jan 27 - Jan 30)
Cheesy... I can't believe some like the place so much. Lot's of fashion victims, boob jobs, face lifts, botox, and eurotrash.I enjoyed the architecture. We did go to a very cool restaurant called Wish. It's in The Hotel (Tiffany building, on Collins Ave.) The beach is OK but I rather go to a Mexican beach. The food sucked, its not nearly as good as any regular restaurant in N.Y. I didn't even take pictures... well, I do have one.

3.Jaiko's Mon Amour, Mon Amour party at La Caverna. (Feb 2, 11:30AM)
Very original... This kitchy italian restaurant-bar on Rivington make me feel as if I was in the Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas although it didn't smell like smelled like hookas and crappy inscense. Italian (or Soviet) mafia in charge. Good looking cokeheads dancing like Spike Jonze in that Fat Boy Slim video. Your regular gang of mo's, Japan's exhiles and high end vintage shopping hipsters.The music was an amaxing mix of 60's mod, french pop (Go-Go) and some soul.
*Jaiko is Tres's girlfriend, Tres is Brett's friend, and the leader of Psychic Ills.

Cd's I wanna buy:
1. Thumbsucker soundtrack
2. The Life Pursuit - Belle and Sebastian (Matador!!!!!YEAH)


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The Life Pursuit Rocks!

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