Monday, February 27, 2006

The Mexican Olympic commission

I know that everyone knows the Olympics will not be in New York. This topic caused mixed reactions among New Yorkers. Some felt relieved because they wouldn't have to reinforce their walking-fast-past-tourist skills, but others really wanted to be part of this international celebration.

This led me to the following question: How many Mexican athletes are training, chosen and going to the 2008 Olympics?

First, I came upon the Mexican Olympic commission website... ughhh... It's really sad to look at this site, maybe there's an update somewhere else. But if there's not...This page does not provide useful information, it takes a long time to load, forget about the design... Sad sad sad...

Can someone tell me more about the Mexican Olympics? I also found this story about a guy who wanted to go to the Olympics who trained with his own money and three days before, they didn't let him go.



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