Monday, December 04, 2006

Obsessive Consumption

Three weeks ago, I went to babysit my fave girls Karina and Saskia, but it turned out they were both asleep. I had especially shlepped a bag of magazines and catalogs for them (and I) to make collages, and thought I was going to re-read them again but it was Sunday and this means: New York Times Style Magazine, Sunday Styles and Travel Magazine. Overly excited, I sorted the sections and started with Sports, the less interesting one (at least for me). Worked my way up to the magazines and found out about Obssesive Consumption.

Obssesive Consumption: A project created by designer Kate Bingaman-Burt based on her obsessive compulsive behavior when it came to shopping. This immediately rang the bell, -as my mother- I keep absolutely every freaking purchase receipt. I paste them on a notebook, I check my bank account and love documenting my (not so wise) spending. But Kate not only saved those receipts, she started drawing the objects she bought at their receipts and this turned out to be a great CONSUMER PRODUCT.

Yeah, you can buy her art on-line at


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