Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tim Barber and his Tiny Vices in Mexico

Yesterday after work, my boss invited me to meet a very interesting guy. Tim Barber... When I heard his name, it sounded familiar, but then I remember reading it on some publication. I was right, he used to be the Photo Editor of Vice Magazine plus he had put together a show at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery when I was still in N.Y. We (my boss and I) met him at Proyectos Monclova, a hip new gallery at at the moment looked like the modern "Factory" full of creative types working on different projects (not to mention, that the floor was full of American Apparel merchandise boxes cause Fifi was working on inventory). From there, we took a cab to the Palace of Fine arts, which was unfortunetly closed and Tim couldn't see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Nevertheless, we strolled around the markets and Tim bought a bootleg of Jodorwosky's El Topo. He looked excited about the junk that was being sold there... Later on, and before the rainstorm we went up the Latin American Tower and afterwards had dinner at Sanborns where Tim had a burger and wanted to buy the beer mug claiming that it had a beautiful print. I must agree that this guy has the eye and the taste... I could tell he loves collecting peculiar stuff.... those are his tiny vices.

Check out his collection of photographs and the rest of his work at


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